Roger Federer Converts To 18 For Grand Slam No 18

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Roger Federer always says, he is Nadal’s “No. 1 fan”. But whenever someone requests him about his losing record to the Spaniard, he returns to the beginning a lot of their competition when they met more often on clay-based.

Roger Federer converts to 18 for Grand Slam No 18

Between 2005 and 2008, in Rome, Monte Carlo and Paris, Nadal feasted on Federer.

What Nadal handled to do was generate a feeling of worry in Federer, until then without a chink in his shield – the “I cannot defeat Rafa” feel clearly started to take form. Even when Federer managed to get a Wimbledon five-out-of-five in 2007, it was with a feeling of inevitability that it won’t be lengthy before Rafa would make the break through.

And then came 2008. They call it the very best tennis match of all-time. Federer performed his part, but even until a couple of times back again, he said that he did not perform the first two places (which he lost) the way he should have. It was based in the way he lost to Nadal at French Open earlier that year, when he won only four games.


What unintentionally appeared in Sunday’s impressive last, was that it was the concern with falling that had dogged Federer all these years whenever he performed Nadal.

And vitally, it was lastly being overcomed. These were the same gamers from the 2014 Australia Start semifinal. Keep in mind Rafa was being affected by sores in his side but Federer was not prepared to take the possibilities that we saw him take on Weekend.

The singlehanded backhand that he implemented with such perfection Weekend isn’t an inclusion to his armoury. But for the last couple of years, he was missing the assurance to carry it out at the crisis. Instead he would select the piece, at most an efficient tool on lawn against smaller competitors but not against the super-fit devices, Nadal and Novak Djokovic who responded with those large double-handed backhands to grind him.

Soon, the Rafa-block was permeating into his activity when enjoying Djokovic. In the 2014 Wimbledon last, Federer had just return from dual enter it all. Djokovic was being affected by pains and all Federer required was to take the effort. Yet, he did not. He considered creating Djokovic run more for a few more factors so that the Serb would wheel himself out. At the same time, he passed the defeat back again to Djokovic who cantered to a win.

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