Hell Raiser Training: An Overview

In today’s blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews, we shall discuss the hellraiser training in gist. This training program is centered to one hellacious principle, Hellcentrics . In a nutshell, this needs extreme forced reps. Don’t think about starting this program unless you have a reliable training partner and at least a good couple of years of experience in a gym.

What is a Hellcentric?

Every set in a HRT comprises regular 8 reps immediately followed by 4 Hellcentric reps. Those Hellcentric reps have two parts: a partial and a full negative.

A Hellcentric starts when the muscle is fully contracted and your partner begins to apply pressure. He or she applies the same quantity of pressure through the partial rep and next all the way down through the full negative. At the end of the negative rep, your partner helps you bring the weight back. That ends one Hellcentric rep.

Let’s explain how it works using an overhead press as an example:

1) Figure out your 1-rep-max

the most you can lift for one rep. Let’s assume you set the pin on the weight stack at 100 lbs and can only press it once. That’s your 1RM.

2) Choose a weight equal to 60-80% of your 1RM

That’s be 60-80 pounds. Choose to set it right in the middle: 70 pounds. That will give you room to move up or down, depending on how strong your shoulders feel. For every single HRT exercise, the reps and the sets remain the same.

3) Perform 8 regular reps, stopping up top on the 8th rep

When you get to the Hellcentrics, you can’t think anything else. All you need to think about is survival, and push or pull through out the movement.

Hellraiser, The Program

Repeat for 12 weeks.

Monday: Shoulders and Arms
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Chest and Triceps
Friday: Back, Traps, Delts, and Calves
Weekends: Off

It’s more important to finish all 12 reps of HRT than to not finish. When you finish the 12 weeks, take 4 weeks off of HRT and then you can begin again.

The Importance Of A Having A Partner


Do whatever to succeed. If you need an extra spotter in addition to your partner, find one. Ask a fellow gym mate to join the fun and tell him or her on what they require to do to help you. Do whatever it helps you to apply the right amount of pressure on those Hellcentrics, especially on your strongest body parts, like quads.


If your training partner spots you dumb, you’re gonna get hurt. The best way to avoid this is not have any kind of sudden jerking movements from any person. Make it a gradual methodical pull of resistance. You and your partner have to work in unitedly and know each other’s manners. The objective is to inflict a lot of pain, but not any sort of injury, so a reliable partner is very critical.

The Benefits Of Hellcentrics

It creates an ultimate mind-body connection.

Try to stay within your power zone on most of the lifts. You must have a good feel for what your body can do – that’s what you rely on here.You want to avoid the typical burn, but instead completely exhaust the muscles.

The Science Behind !

There is a methodical approach.

The first 8 reps of an HRT set are created to empty the tank, to prime the muscle like a pump pushing blood into the muscle. This phase of the movement begins to tear the muscle fibers, creates micro-tears, and even small tears in the fascia, the layer surrounding the muscle. HRT is a great way to accomplish sarcoplasmic hypertrophy or increased muscle cell volume and overall size.

Moreover during the Hellcentrics phase, HRT stabilize the core muscle groups involved with each exercise.

HRT forces the mind-body connection. You can’t think of anything else only the pain that your partner inflicts on you. This makes all the differences in the world when it comes to earning the results you want.

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