Workout For Monotonous Upper Body And Cardio

In today’s blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss a routine as a cure for your monotonous upper-body-and-cardio workout.

Power and explosiveness: Two of the favourite words for many. This workout will take you through to super sets, drop sets, and one giant set, then into plyometrics to help you develop muscle and condition them.

This workout will help you going in two directions. In the first half, you’ll work with curls, presses, push-ups, flyes, and other staple moves for your arms and back. Then move into functional training using a series of high-energy plyometrics to improve power and explosiveness in your legs.


For the plyometrics segment, you’ll require about 15 yards of space to run some suicides and perfect your bear crawls. If you get a perfect setup, you’ll also have a staircase nearby where you can try some outrageous uphill broad jumps.

Raynor’s Technique Keys

Superset 1: Hammer-curl shoulder press with barbell curl

This first complex movement will work for your biceps and shoulders. Do them standing to help you keep your core engaged. No cheating! You need to keep your back straight and work on your core muscles.

Superset 2: Military press with alternating dumbbell curls

When you don’t want to rock use your momentum instead of your arm strength, don’t use your legs for the barbell up on your military presses. Use shoulders only to push the load up.

Superset 3: Dumbbell vertical raise with Standing concentration curl

Keep your legs from swinging when you do this superset: Lift from your shoulders only. For the lateral raise, choose a weight you can hit 15 reps with, next lift to failure on each set. As you come to the top of the lift on your curls, swing out your small finger and get better contraction during the peak of the biceps.

Giant Set: Incline push-up, push-up

You want to try a lot of reps with these next three exercises to keep your intensity high and really burn up those muscles. When you perform both the incline push-up and floor push-up, focus mainly on engaging your chest and limit your arms use to push up.

Power conditioning circuit


Your arms and back must be pretty tired by now, so you need to focus on your legs and your lungs. You’re going for explosiveness, so when you try them, think the quick release of power. Finish the routine by some challenging broad jumps up stairs. Use stairs only.

How To Implement This Workout

As it is a demanding whole-body workout you can incorporate only once or twice a week into your training program.

Maintain your rest periods at about 45 seconds to one minute, and performing the power conditioning twice, you must be able to get through whole routine in about an hour. It’s all about repetitions and consistently improving how fast, far and high you go.

We conclude the discussion here.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more in wellness and fitness.

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