The New Muscle Building Protein Comes From The Insects

Could you imagine relishing on caterpillars, crickets, and ants? These little protein and nutrient-packed insects can help you build muscles, aids in recovery from workouts, and burn fats. In this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss the same.

Do you remember when buffalo meat first hit the market? Next it was ostrich, then tilapia, and finally quorn. The latest protein source that hit the global market comes from good old bugs. With insects such as caterpillars and crickets that are farmed like cows and chickens, might be it’s time for you to consider adding this readily available and essential form of protein to your diet.

Insect protein provides the same, at times better nutritional benefits than chicken, beef, or pork.

Protein and More

Packed With Protein and More

Nutritionally, insects have a lot in them. Most cultivated species are rich in protein say up to 75 % by weight. Most of them have all nine essential amino acids, which are very important for muscle building and recovery.


Since insects nearer to providing the same nutrition as domesticated farm animals and could do it more efficiently; there’s an environmental argument in their favour as well. Food reserves are becoming scanty and the human population is supposed to reach 9 billion by 2050. Our species must come up with new protein sources. And those new resources must be efficient to preserve the left over land and water.

Unlike most domestic animals, insect cultivation is very sustainable, using up to 50-90 % less land per 2 pounds of protein and yielding significantly less greenhouse gas in the process. Commercial producers of insect protein estimate that it takes about 500 gallons of water to produce a pound of chicken meat while 2,000 gallons for a pound of beef. Now producing one pound of crickets needs only about one gallon.

Also insects have much shorter lifespan, cultivators can quickly produce and harvest insect protein to meet immediate food demands.

Where Can I Buy Insect Protein?

New protein bars are being available which are made with cricket flour (yes, this is what they are: roasted, ground crickets) are becoming more available in market and can be also purchased online. But owing to their sustainability and nutritional power of bug protein, it could be expected to see it becomes more mainstream over the coming years.

We conclude the discussion now.

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