The Concept Of Bulking And Cutting Is Totally Useless

There is no credible science behind the entire concept of bulking but let’s put it straight it is just an excuse for lazy dudes who don’t give a damn thought about nutrition. Young guys in the pursuit of muscle building are wrecking havoc of their metabolism and body composition. Here in this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we discuss what you must know.

How Healthy Eating Has Been Killed 

Go back to the 60s and 70s, or better be said the ‘Arnold Era’. This era gave us some of the most legendary bodybuilding physiques of all the times. In their off seasons, these dudes never became balloons with fat. The max they gained was 3-8 Kgs over their competing weight.


Then it was the Dorian Yates or the era of ‘Mass Monsters’. The dudes were owing to steroid abuse to overeating and even by avoiding to walk, these men chased only mass. Hence, the idea of bulking and cutting was born.

What came public was the amount of food they were eating and not the amount of stuff they were injecting. People never know the fundamentals behind their monstrous diet. With help of juice and solid workouts, for every 10 lbs they gained, they ensured that more than 6 pounds were muscle and not fat. And thus things went out of hands.

90% Of The Dudes Turn Into A Dirty Bulk In Their Choice Of Calories Intake


Why not take a look around your gym. Most guys who say they are on a bulk, have a huge gut out in their making. This is what bulking goes down to work out and eat whatever and whenever you want. A simple disastrous method. Old School bulk was never about eating a pizza or relishing on fries after a tough workout, it was about eating calorie loaded clean foods.

The Simple And Straight Science

1) Bulking increase body fat which lowers insulin sensitivity. You’ll become fat and muscle growth will decline.  

2) The more fat you get, the better your body becomes at storing more fat. Major fat deposit areas are around the abs and chest.

3) While cutting that fat, you’ll lose more muscles than you could imagine. Bodybuilders take drugs that help them preserve a lot of muscle. You take no drugs and hence you will end loosing muscles.

4) After some time, your muscles will start becoming soft as your body starts storing calories in muscle tissues along with the adipose tissue.

Building muscle does need a calorie surplus environment but that doesn’t mean stuffing anything edible. You can lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

We conclude for now.

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