7 Common Mistakes While Building Muscles

It happens to many I suppose you got to the gym for a long duration yet not able to see any changes in terms of your fat loss, strength and muscle building. In this article by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss and help you realize the mistakes you have been doing.

1. Not Hiring A Good Trainer


If you are a starter with no experience of how to do weight training, you do need a trainer. A qualified trainer will guide you with techniques of how to lift weights, what type of training program you should follow and what your diet should be. Don’t only depend on an app. Mainly for the first three months you mustn’t.

2. Not Maintaining A Workout Log book

You need to lift heavy weights and do more reps in every other workout. But if you don’t remember how many plates you have put on the barbell in your last workout, how will you challenge yourself for your set target?

3. Phone Usage

If you are capable enough of texting consistently while working out, you aren’t serious. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what not. All these can wait. Switch your phone off. Make the time you spend in the gym worth it.

Not to mention there are people who hold a dumbbell in one hand while chat with the other on phone. So folks, please put that phone in locker for god’s sake or simply, don’t bring that to the gym if you are serious. 

4. Using Your Phone

If you are texting consistently during working out, you are not serious. Facebook, Insta, Twitter and what not can wait. Switch off your phone. Make the time you spend in gym worth it.

There are a few who holds a dumbbell in one hand while chats with their phone on the other. So please keep that phone away or don’t bring it to the gym if you are damn serious. 

5. Too Often Changing Training Plan


You can’t be a Greek God in 8 weeks. Hence jumping from one program to another will not yield results whatsoever. You don’t need to change every two weeks in order to SHOCK your muscles. You have to follow a program long enough to see results. You should alongside your dietary habits and enjoy adequate sleep.

6. Multi Tasking At The Same Time

If you want to be huge yet don’t want to train heavy how can you be a strongman. Choose one and stick to it. Don’t put your feet in two or several boats!

7. Focus More On Supplements And Less On Diet

Don’t make your habit bad with supplements. If supplements could make champions, then every rich guy would be fit. They can help you but definitely not more than a well planned diet that meets all your macro requirements.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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