Raees ban in Pakistan: But nothing wrong with the movie

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Raees movie ban.

Dhanda mera dharm hai, par main dharm ka dhanda nahi karta” (Trade is my spiritual beliefs, but I don’t use spiritual beliefs as my trade).

This is not only a part of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer movie Raees, but it also reflects the important concept well-embedded in this action-crime thriller directed by Rahul Dholakia.


Another punchline that promotes the factor goes in the movie as the following: “Dhanda karte samay hindu musalman socha tha, jo ab soch raha hai? Sab apne log hai yaha par” (Did we differentiate between Hindus and Muslims when doing the business, then why will we do this elegance now? All are our individuals over here).

Despite these two strongly-worded information articulated in a clear overall tone and helpful tenor, the movie has been suspended in Pakistan — an Islamic nation with a massive fan following of the Indian Islamic celebrity SRK.

Pakistan’s significant English Daily, The Express Tribune revealed that the much-awaited Mahira and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees would not release in Pakistan: “The Censor Board of Film Certification said on Monday that the Rahul Dholakia directorial, which represents Mahira’s Bollywood first appearance will not launch in the nation due to its ‘objectionable’ content”.

A source aware of the growth informed the same Pakistani paper that the suggestions submitted by the CBFC board considered the movie “unsuitable for community screening” and that it could not issue a certificate because the movie ‘portrays Islam and a particular Islamic sect in adverse light’.


Thus, it is considered that the ban on Raees in Pakistan is due to three significant aspects happening in the movie: First, the movie ‘inappropriately’ shows the Islamic group, as Shah Rukh Khan performs a Islamic enterprise who consumes in the market of alcohol. Second, the content of the movie ‘undermines’ Islam — situations spiritual beliefs of Pakistan — because it slightly shows Muslims as scammers, aggressive terrorists, desired men and gangsters. Additionally, a particular sect of Islam — the Shia group — is miffed with the movie because it did not like the use of particular spiritual signs in the movie.

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