Rubbing Iodex For Great Abs While Doing Crunches Is A Myth

Are you among those who rub iodex or vicks on your stomach and do crunches? Well today at CRB Tech Reviews we shall boost the myth. Recently, one of my friends told me that his gym trainer advised him to apply ‘iodex on his stomach and do crunches to get abs. I was taken surprised. I found it both hilarious and dumb, but I must admit that it was not the first time that I heard this. Even I heard that some guy apply ‘vicks’ on their abdomen and it appears the myth has been propagated by Desi gym trainers. But it’s nothing but bullshit.

In this blog topic we tell you and help you understand about getting abs and how:

The Ridiculous Logic The Trainers Use Is That The Burning Sensation On Applying Iodex Burns Fat. Sorry Nope!


Only because you feel extremely cold or hot on the place of application and you sweat a bit, that does not say that you are burning fats. Apart from pain rubbing analgesics, muscle relaxant balms and sprays mainly has camphor and menthol, which are known as counter-irritants. They give you these sensations to drive your attention away from pain. That’s the basic. There’s zero fat burning going around the application.

You Cannot Spot Reduce Fat. Doing Crunches Will Never Give You The Abs You Want.

To see your abs, you have to work and lower your body fat percentages. If you are having anywhere above 20% body fat and do crunches daily, you are actually damaging your spine. All abs exercises strengthen the ab muscles and don’t burn fat. Spot reduction will make no sense at all. You need to aim for about 12% body fat first and then begin training your stomach area.

The Key Is Nutrition


Do you know your abs are made in the kitchen. Yesss! A fact repeated for a million times and it makes proper sense. Focus on diet with a solid workout plan that will help you build muscles and shed fat. Clean and correct eating is the only way to lower your body fat levels. Ab muscles are one of the most stubborn to fatigue muscle groups in the body. It really takes time and dedication to get the solid core.

We conclude the discussion now.

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