What Must I Follow To gain Muscles? 3 Meals Or 6 Meals

Today in this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall talk about the choice of meal schedule to gain muscles. One of the most discussed myths of muscle building is the quantity of meals to eat in a day. Eating frequent small meals will enhance your metabolism. But this is a myth. How? As science claims that meal frequency has no relation in boosting your metabolic rate.


The practice of eating 6-8 meals was created by few of the most popular bodybuilders of the 1960s, who happened to eat more than 6 meals in a day to keep up their protein metabolism. This undoubtedly helped them increase their protein consumption and pack on some muscles. However, contrary to that, there is no such evidence that claims any relation of meal frequency with the boost in metabolism. Though, there are certain researches available that have shown some evidence to increase the thermogenic effect in the body with the frequent meal intake. Despite the variable thermic effect of foods, there is no solid evidence that shows a boost in metabolism of an individual.

In case of a 3-meal rule, it has been observed there is a drop in the amino acid profile in body, mainly the levels of leucine, has been observed. Whereas in a 6 meal pattern, subjects consume more protein and could maintain optimum levels of protein synthesis that further interferes with catabolism. If other factors are kept under control, it can also improve the anabolism. Another reason why a 6 meal rule became popular because it owes a constant feeling of satiety that it provides throughout the day, that ultimately prevents you to avoid the junkies and help you to keep on track.

So What Is Preferable, Rule Of 3 Meals Or 6 Meals A Day?

Now the confusion is which meal plan is more preferable and effective? The answer is very simple: whichever suits you! Your fat loss or gain of muscle depends on the universal term called calories in instead of calories out. In order to reduce your body fat, you might either follow a 3-meal schedule or 6-meal schedule. All you have to maintain is the caloric range required to attain that particular goal.


Hence, one can definitely attain his fitness goal even with a conventional 3-meal program. Though bodybuilding is a very subjective sport; so what suits you, might not suit your friend. So, always try to find out your body’s response to a particular diet program and if possible, always go for an educated and certified coach, who could guide and instruct you, and help you reach your fitness goals.

We conclude now.

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