Try Fat Grips And Increase Time Under Tension (TUT) To Grow Your Biceps

In today’s blog by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss how to grow your biceps. It is common practice to train the biceps and is everybody’s favourite. Yet a lot of people their struggle to achieve those fully loaded round arms. In this blog we shall be covering a few tips that can help you attain those precious gains.

The Time Under Tension (TUT) principle


According to the TUT principle, one must take twice the time to perform an eccentric movement in comparison to the concentric movement. This will help you to maintain continuous tension in the targeted muscle group, which leads to muscle growth. TUT is a popular principle of training that has helped millions of weight lifters to achieve halted gains. The principle mainly refers to the time span of the muscle under strain during a particular set.

The Power Of Fat Grips


Training with fat grips is quite prominent in the states. Be it four time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler or Steve Cook, one of the world’s best men’s physique athletes, training with fat grips is suggested by so many top athletes of the world. Research also suggests that by increasing the bar width, one can gain greater muscle fibre recruitment throughout the arms that further leads to bigger and faster gains in muscle size and the functional strength. Thick bars eventually shift the stress from the joints to the muscles as it spreads weight over a larger area of the hand. This arm training makes the forearm extensors and forearm flexors work more effectively and with lesser chances of any injury.

Moderate Weight Training


Well undoubtedly lifting heavy leads to more strength and size. But despite that, a lot of people still fail to earn the muscle size. In such situations, you must try a high repetition with light or moderate weight training. Train your arms till you fail and flex them after every set and that can give you some surprising results. Train two times a week and see how you evolve at your bicep peak in just 6-8 weeks. So give a try to the above mentioned training tricks and let us know your feedback in the comments section.

We conclude now.

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