Eat More Cholesterol To Get Higher Testosterone Levels


It is a common thing nowadays when you see a lot of unhealthy people are in an effort and tries to be healthy, they avoid cholesterol. In this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss about relatedness between cholesterol and testosterone levels.

If you tell them to have an egg yolk; chances are that they won’t talk with you again. These are the same people who spend countless hours on the treadmill, cheat every Friday and jumps from one diet to another but still are fat. Well, if you one among them; don’t have any guilt feelings; you are just misinformed.


The Research That Criticised Cholesterol And How We All Are Mislead

In 1956, Dr. Ancel Keys, a noted American scientist carried out a study popularized as the ‘7 Countries Study’. The study mainly stated that ‘diet fats’ and ‘cholesterol’ caused cardiac diseases. In reality, Keys selectively picked only 7 countries where the data ‘mostly’ and not ‘really’ supported his flawed theory, out of the 22 in which the study took place. Hence, ‘Seven Countries Study’ was proposed and got the name.

The study was quickly took over up by USFDA and spread throughout America. Of course, the world followed the suit. Dietary fat and cholesterol were officially declared the ‘culprits’. As the study paced up into regular life, fat was actively ignored. Sad though, people were yet not getting any thinner. In fact, they became fatter than what they had ever been. Do you why? People replaced fats with carbs. The study needs questioning now!

It’s The ‘High Carb Intake That Can Give You A Cardiac Attack. Saturated Fat Has Nothing To DO With Your Heart Diseases

In simple words, fats don’t make you fat. Excessive consumption of refined carbs makes you fat and vulnerable to heart ailments. Carbs high in sugars and low in fibre are related to low HDL (good cholesterol levels) and very high LDL. The level of triglycerides are also greatly affected by high carbs intake. If you are consuming about 60% calories from carbs and is a couch potato, you really need to put a check.

Testosterone Is Derived From Cholesterol. More Testosterone Means More Muscle


The most powerful muscle building hormone is testosterone and the only source in our body to derive it is from Cholesterol. Yes, higher the good cholesterol, higher will be your Testo levels.

So next time if you take that chicken skin off or want to throw away the eggs yolks, think that you are wasting on your testosterone. Words of caution! Don’t go out chasing high serum cholesterol. Simply stick to eating beef, whole eggs, shrimp and cheese.

WE conclude now!

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