What could happen if a prankster guy breaks his girl friend’s heart by making her think he is a cheater?

To have some insight go through the video and CRB Tech‘s words on it.

Recently YouTube channel One in All shared the funny video of a guy who pulled a prank on his girl friend to find out how would she react on discovering the cheating act. But the guy must not have expected to be clobbered multiple times! Or he might be used to !GRIN

The boy and his friends planned to sneakily setup a camera in the corner of a drawing-room. This was designed to capture the moment he tries to trick his girlfriend.


The guy planned the prank by lying with Urvashi on a mattress that laid in the flat’s drawing-room.And his friend Abhisekh called his girlfriend….the door was kept unlocked, such that the girl can come and catch them in their act.

While they were pretending to get cosyon bed …the door was opened by girlfriend and seeing the shocking act…she is seen questioning…..incidentally she started the interaction by slapping her boy friend. Since she was not listening to him, Urvashi tried to convince her but she was not willing to hear anything from the other girl.

During the altercation the girl in cute gesture said expressed that she was discontented by his act because she loves him…..That really depicts her true love for the guy.

The most funny part is is that she wanted to have words with her boy friend, asked Urvashi to not to interfere……but when he would start initiating the conversation to explain then she would tell him to shut his mouth…..Just wondering if none were allowed to speak, then how could she expect answers to her questions!

But the guy didn’t realize that he wouldbe clobbered multiple times on face!

The video captured prank and its unexpected consequence….so before you prank with your boy friend or girl friend……just keep in mind that unexpected responses or something shocking might also get captured along with the planned spoof.


With some background music being played they revealed her that it was a prank….but whether her role was enacted as per script or not….whether it was her real response…..she played her role very well. Kudos to the girl!

The cutest part was when they patched up…the smile on the girl’s face could portray her relief with the thought that her boy friend was not cheating on her.

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