With These Tips Help Grow Your Calves

Do you know that there are people who train their calves hard yet can’t get them to grow? Are you among them? Are you tired of being teased at your Chicken legs? In this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we tell you how to grow your puny calves.

Here is the answer to all your prayers. This blog will tell you all that you must to know about your calves. Among all the muscles, calves are the hard ones to grow.



Before telling you how to grow your calves, let’s understand this tough to grow muscle group. Calves has two muscle groups viz. Soleus Muscle and Gastrocnemius Muscle. The later muscle can be again broken into two smaller groups, known as the inner calve and outer calve.

Also, the 2 motions that you do while you train your calves are-

Plantar Flexion – A movement where you try to push your front part of foot into the ground and lift your heel giving a nice stretch in your Soleus muscle.

Dorsiflexion – It is the opposite of the above and you pull your toes towards your body and try to push through your heels.

Here’s How You Must Go About Your ‘Calves’ Training

1) Weight Range

When you walk you use your Calves. You push at least your bodyweight every time you take a step. So when you go to a gym and work your calves with light weights, are you really stressing your muscles? This might answer your questions regarding weight range. So very the next time you work out, choose a weight heavier enough to put your calve muscles under stress. Now don’t start bouncing 400 lbs on the calve machine. You have to get the complete muscle contraction as well. Keep the weight at the best and under control.

2) Range Of Motion

Range of motion decides the maximum muscle stimulation. Its the total path from starting point of your rep to the end part. Do not be someone who just swings the weight; perform the workout as it’s supposed to be done.


3) Pay Attention To The ‘DIP’

In all the ‘calves’ exercises one thing is same, the DIP. Dip is the most wonderful thing that you can take benefits of when working with your calves. You want your heels go down as much as possible, halt, go all the way up and stop. This is called a Dip. Calves are a small muscle group so do need this contraction. Mechanical tension is the key.

Pro Tip

Try keeping the rep ranges between 9 and 12. Your calves will recover rapid and you can train them thrice a week. The minimum is twice. Perform super sets and drop sets regularly.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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