Tips To Build Your Raw Strength

A lot of lifters, ignore routines for strength developing. Lifting heavy is not calling up injuries, unless you act like a douche bag and ego lift. But let us put in this way: the stronger you are the bigger you are. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews discusses the same.

Strength is a catalyst for the growth reaction of muscle and heavier you lift, the more muscles you will stimulate. To be honest, nothing beats being badass strong. If you’re a starter you’ll automatically gain strength with each passing days in the gym. But if you’re a lifter who has past the starter gains, you certainly need a solid path to strength your gains.


In this blog, I’m going to tell you a very simple strength protocol by Eric Helms that you can put in your current training routine. This technique is mainly intended to improve your strength in compound movements.

Terms to understand:

Volume: It is the total work load you do.

Volume=Set x Reps

RPE (Rate of pursued exertion): It is mainly the calculation of how intense or hard a set was for your muscles

Let’s consider your current best on the bench press is 70kgs load for 8 REPS at a RPE of 8 i.e. 2 reps short of failure. Here’s how applying a periodization technique you can develop your strength.

Week 1

You need to do every set of bench press with 70kg load for 8 reps. The last set can take you close to failure as you fatigue.


This week you need to enhance a micro load of 1.25 kg or 2.5 kg whatever you can progress with. You will notice that the overall volume is decreased by lowering the reps but that is necessary in order to maintain steady improvement in strength.

Week 3: Micro load increment or maintain same loads

This week you cut back on the volume to take a step forward on the strength gains. Raise the load by a micro-load that you can handle not necessary 2.5 Kg it could be lesser or slightly more.

Week 5: De-load week

This week you can cut back on the volume aggressively by decreasing the reps and sets. You can also lower the loads because it is necessary to give our muscles and CNS a time to recover and remove the fatigue developed.

So, you can see we how you started from 70kg as your load for 8 reps on the bench press at a RPE of 8 and improved it to 75kg. The strength gains you earn by following this protocol is also more related with how well your diet and sleep is.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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