Sitting At Desk Is An Occupational Hazard So Stand Up To Take Health Charge

Today’s blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews discuss about your occupational hazards with on desk sitting requirement. According to a research carried out by the Texas AM Health Science Centre, standing can increase your productivity levels by up to 46%.

Another project titled ‘Take A Stand’ has been initiated by Ergatron that has observed that use of elevated workspaces see raising output levels and tendency to work better, with a fresher mindset; high energy levels, better focus and lower chances of depression over a span of weeks. The company is also of the opinion that if you have higher stress levels than normal, it’s time to stand up, an action that has greatly reduced anxiety levels in employees by approximately 33%!


The reasonwhy we are putting across these studies and statistics is that it’s time to stand up. Who does it mean standing at your workstation, instead of sitting? To answer, firstly, no. Secondly, people in some places are doing it; it’s really old and unwanted at this point. Sitting is killing you! Gradually just like cigarette has been doing and you’d be surprised to know that about 75% of us are all time sitting for

Its time to think now; how to overcome the situation where sitting has become more of an occupational hazard, unlike smoking! Walking to work isn’t a practice of the modern world anymore, one reason could be the distance from our houses to the workplace is increasing. Commuting has become very tedious with long hours of standing in trains, buses and metros or again sitting for a long time in cars.

According to Leandro Rezende,the sedentary lifestyles are a direct result of the present global economic situation; we are working like robots to earn our breads and we are paying off our credits with. It’s the survival of the fittest on a whole new and evolved level. Darwin must have wanted to see this. But this is not even out of sheer laziness that we do it; this type of sitting is more of a cultural conditioning today, than an individual choice. A situation we can’t really help.


In the wake of trying to avoid the momentary exhaustion that takes over our bodies on a daily basis when we so much as attempt standing for too long or walking more than usual, we are ignoring the impending doom that comes with the semi-permanent sitting arrangement we have going on for us in our daily lives

Given the facts and the statistics that support them, I personally think that we owe it to ourselves to literally stand up for ourselves. While we might not see the health benefits of standing, almost immediately, we need to know that in the long run, it’s doing a benefit to the spine; even making you appear taller than before because of the relief in pressure on your backbone. The rate of blood flow to the heart increases, leading to higher energy levels.

Mentally, the act of being constantly on the move, instead of being rooted to your chair, makes you feel more energetic and positive than before.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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