Former Miss Bulgaria Anita Meyzer’s personal life, night mares


CRB Tech reviews over here shares about the model’s tough life and her husband

Anita kills her husband

Former Miss Bulgaria Anita Meyzer has been charged with killing her husband during an enchanting bed room period that went really wrong. Anita will spend three years in prison after she asked for forgiveness accountable which lead in the death of her 40 year old spouse. According to report, the former contest champion tied plastic around her husband’s hands, throat, and feet as a part of her sexual dream.

Anita said, her spouse wanted her to movie him bending his muscles to free himself from the constraints however, catastrophe hit when tried to take away the ties around his throat. The plastic noose stiffened even more, strangling him on the massage table. Police discovered the whole situation greatly distressing and amazingly cops never discovered the videos which she stated was shot during the act.


Anita earlier said that she went to the store and when she came back home that her spouse was discovered deceased which brought up a doubt among the cops. The contest champion also said to have tried to get rid of the proof by trying to get rid of the wire connections but all her efforts turned useless. Furthermore, when informed about her police arrest she tried to offer the authorities with 30,000 euros.

The police said they discovered her purse with lots of money and passport indicating that she decided to leave the country. Anita, said she felt sorry for the whole occurrence and she places blame on completely her own self for the death of the person whom she loved the most.

Beauty Queen being fraud and makes her land in Jail

Sandra Petgrave who won the MBGN elegance contest in Nigera has been sentenced to prison for her part in a $5.8 thousand mortgage scams in the U.S. Sandra’s spouse has also been caught in the situation who is billed of major the scams band that managed for almost A very extensive period.

Investigations by FBI expose that the former elegance king was sentenced to one and a half years prison time while her spouse was sentenced to 9 years in prison. The pair has been on the wrong side of the law previously also when the ex – queen was arrested for attack against her spouse during 2009.


The couple were said to be part of the scams band by getting hay customers to buy houses at a adjusted cost, typically a bank-owned or troubled property. They then hire a second hay of customers to purchase the same home at an surprisingly high cost. Furthermore, they in turn apply for an purchase loan for the second hay customer, assisting the application for the false income with incorrect income, fake career, and fake net worth data.

The former beauty queen has been requested to pay restitution in the amount of $1.1m with regards to the case and for resulting in huge failures to financial institutions. The pair has six children together and the last of them being 9 year old twin guys.

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