Tips To Construct A Neutral Spine For It’s Better Actions

To enhance a better spine; you need to work out for your glutes. Butt or hips is scientifically known as the Gluteus Maximus. Ironically, despite being such a treat to look at, many people don’t seem to train it. Guys butt-training is not a feminine thing but know that glutes are the biggest muscle in the human body for a purpose. Bigger and stronger glutes could be very valuable if you love heavy lifting. In nearly all exercises like Deadlifts, Squat, Bent over Rows, T-Bar Rows etc, butt plays a significant role. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we discuss how to construct a good looking butt.

Why To Maintain A Neutral Spine Is Essential 

1. A round spine increases force on it.

2. Your spine is there to withstand a good amount of compressive force but not sheer force.

3. Your spine is not that very strong and is injury prone.

4. Don’t mess with it or it will be costly.


Most people, simply arches their back in an exaggerated way to make their spine strong. It works well but the problem is that it puts too much pressure on the lower back. As mentioned, it is not very strong and hence we need to reduce the stress on our spine. Here, a strong butt could save you.

To maintain a neutral spine, you don’t need to arch your back. Only bend your knees a little and push back your butt, to develop a stretch in the hamstrings. This pattern is called Hip-Hinging, which is a difficult and valuable movement that you need to master in order to lift heavy, safe. Thus maintain a neutral spine while sharing the load with your glute muscles and minimize the stress on your lower back even while heavy lifting. As butts are primary movers during Hip-Hinging, it is important to train this muscle group strictly like you train your hamstrings.

Squats, leg curls and leg presses mainly strengthen your quads and hamstrings. Hence you develop muscle imbalances and thus can be a cause to knee pains, hamstring pulls and tears. Stronger and bigger butts will also help you in heavy weight squatting, more dead lifting more and pressing more over-head.


Build A Strong Butt With These Exercises

Romanian Deadlifts

Sets- 4

Reps- 6-10

Tips- Push back via your butts, and when you come up, squeeze your butts together.

Bulgarian Split Squat


Reps- 10-15 

Tips- At the beginning, balance will be a concern so start with light loads.

Dumbbell Step Ups


Reps- 15-20

Tips- DO all the reps with one leg and then the other.

Barbell Hip-Thrus


Reps- 15-20

Tips- This exercise loads the lower back; start with bodyweights or very light loads. For better results, use a resistance band around your knees.

So what are you waiting? Start your butt training!

And keep visiting this place by CRB Tech Solutions for more one wellness and fitness.

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