How Fit Are You For Your Age?

We often blame our age for ailments. Is really age the culprit? Nope! Age is merely a number and our unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for all those age related woes. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews tells you about a test to find out how fit you are as per your age.

How Fit Are You By Your Age?

You might often say that you are pretty decent looking as per your age. But are you really? How would you know that? You could check online you might get an actual checklist by age group. Did you know that if you’re in your 40s, you must be able to sprint for 60 seconds without stopping?

Exercise! Let’s say in gist

We know life is busy. But exactly how les time for a workout can you get away with? The New York Times took on this question. We won’t discuss much here; but at least 30 minutes daily is recommended.


How About a Museum Workout?

Work out during getting a guided tour through fine works of art. It’s a thing, especially if you want to try out new ways. This type of workout is exactly what it sounds like a 45-minute guided walk through a big museum art gallery coupled with a brisk cardio.

Yoga by Candlelight

A way to enable little relaxation with some mood setting. If you are in the UK; you got better chances. Virgin Active is offering calm yoga classes by candlelight.


Running Is The Key to Mending a Broken Heart

Was your Valentine’s Day not the way you planned? It happens. But there is some scientific proof that lacing up your running shoes and getting out can actually help fight those negative vibes.

Be Careful with the Tunes

Everything in moderation is right; including studies .One that suggests listening to music or podcasts while workingout can be detrimental to your shape, according to a Health magazine.

Exercise vs. Diet

Wait; shouldn’t that be exercise and diet? Yesss! You need both for sustained weight loss. But a new study suggests that a permanent change to your diet go much further towards helping you keep the weight off than a regular exercise routine.

The Ugly Proof for Snackers

Don’t be snacking at intervals. This would dishearten you when you plan to check your diest and workout efforts.

Age Is Just a Number

Yes! You must have heard about 98 years old yoga trainer or 105 years old cyclist. Yes, if age couldn’t fail them? Why others? We hope you know the answer. It’s not age who’s the culprit but an unhealthy routine.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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