How Mountain Biking Keeps This NASCAR Driver Fit

If your daily job demands you to hit death-defying speeds of up to 215 mph from behind the wheel, then biking down a mountain from the back of a saddle at 25 mph is a kind of no big deal. So is NASCAR’s Ty Dillon finds it peaceful to pedal hard when he’s not at driver’s seat. It’s critical for him to find these moments to keep calm and in control when it counts.This blog by CRB Tech Reviews is about how Dillon does it with so much poise.

The 24-year-old North Carolina native, who has been racing in the elite circuit for 6 years, gears up the big leagues. Dillon kicked off his first full-time season in the prestigious Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, that started February 18, 2017. And it’s no secret that mountain biking for about 18 times a month is part of his training regimen.

Dillon said that when they head west to race in Nevada, Arizona, Montana and California, they take their bikes. They travels in the 18-wheeler with their cars across the country and they go on rides in between the events. He said it’s great biking out there.


Dirt racing at high velocities is what he did since age 13, Dillon is no stranger to off-road conditions. He also loved motocross as a boy, which he did daily after school until he broke his leg while doing the same. Three years ago, when he was invited by friends to mountain bike, it wasn’t a hard sell. He was very interested in the sport and just needed a push.

Though you might have Dillon pegged for loving the speedy downhills, he claims to most appreciate a slow and steady climb. He said that everyone loves downhills, ofcourse. But he thinks people learn how to become a better rider when one goes uphill. One learns how to pick ones path whether it has roots or is rocky. When one is done with the climb, the downhill comes as a reward.

How does biking compares with driving? He said that while climbing, one has to really work hard on a bike. Those are the toughest parts when your heart beats and your body is wears down. There’s a lot of that in racing where you have a long run or restarts, which are very intense. One really has to be focused and use all his energy. Cautions while racing are like downhills, which lets you catch your breath and get ready for the next hill up.

He said that the fear factor in both the sports is similar. One gets the adrenaline rush when is biking fast downhill, when hitting turns pretty fast. But he said that biking downhill is not as big of a rush as going 200 mph in a race car. With both sports, a person has to become one with his vehicle because when you both have to move keeping pace with each other.

Though Dillon does his best in both the sports, he finds mountain biking more meditative practice of the two. He said that he doesn’t bike on a professional level. He does it for cardio and fun. He continued that when he go out on his bike, it’s time for him to ease his mind of everything that’s going on in his profession of racing. He enjoys his time in open air and free mood.

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