Aamir Khan’s New Star Plus Ad Is Very Awesome

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Aamir Khan’s recent ad on women empowerment.

Dangal has been extremely effective at the box office, so now Aamir Khan is obviously the major energy on all factors that have to do with females and their improvement.

So is star Plus, which is seriously focusing on its own edition of improvement, especially when it isn’t exactly the first route you’d think of when you say the language “progressive thought”. But over the last few years, Star Plus has been trying to update their picture (or generate brownie factors for performing like they are concerned about females, I dunno, you decide). They regularly put out we’re-progressive-now kind advertisements (rishta vahein, soch nayein) along with offering several of their operating serials what they think about to be “modern” designs through outfit, ideas and plots.

Their newest offering is a #SochNayi marketing presenting Aamir Khan, whom we think needs to understand to successfully pass the rattling mic now. The ad reveals Aamir Khan as Gurdeep Singh, a slow-talking lovely store proprietor, discussing to a person who believes that the shop’s newly found achievements (sweets are obviously promoting ‘shooo te shaa’ — is that a frequent phrase?) is because of Singh’s sons’ company expertise. Aamir Khan highlights that they are his children, not his kids, and the panel outside flows Gurdeep Singh & Daughters. Waaaow, so strong.


The two cheerful siblings appear for about a complete of seven a few moments in the whole marketing. The remaining is monopolised by Aamir Khan and client dad, which is kind of the issue with tricks like this. Not only are we please being proven the answer by a man who performs in an market that has sexism oozing out of its hearing, the main issue being mentioned also gets monopolised by that person’s star energy. Individuals aren’t referring to Gurdeep Singh’s two (nameless) children, or even about females normally, they’re thrilled about the new Aamir Khan advertisement on Star Plus. Which is excellent I think, but it certainly isn’t #SochNayi.

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