Rishi Kapoor Hits Back On The Twitter

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If there’s one factor that social media-savvy superstars have learned through their tryst with the web, it is that trolls can be ruthless.

Among the many market individuals to have regularly had rough activities with their online fans is Rishi Kapoor.


The expert acting professional lately missing his awesome on Twitter posts, and lashed out at his supporters with a sequence of violent allegations, many of which have been distributed across the public social networking system.

It all began with a modest post, one that the acting professional believed could have been a lively activity of sorts, as he published a test, asking the Twitterati to think the most popular actual line between him and film maker Karan Johar.

While some reacted with the right response (both have known as their kids after their specific fathers), others poked fun at him.

“Weight,” said one while another had written, “[The] art of getting away with absurdity since you are celebrities”.

While this was not Kapoor’s first sweep with trolls, he made the decision to respond to the unnecessary sarcasm now. The acting professional not only criticized them with his tweets, but also sent violent text messages (DMs) to supporters before preventing them.

When mid-day got in contact with Kapoor, he reasoned, “I regard my lovers, but if someone tries to troll or misuse me, I won’t take it.”


The acting professional addressed concerns about his violent terminology in a rather calm way. “If you don’t like me, don’t adhere to me, but don’t try to mess around and obtain interest at my price. It’s not that these trolls don’t misuse me. If they do, I will reciprocate.”

In a sequence of DMs, pictures of which have been shared on Twitter posts, Kapoor is seen putting fun at one’s religious beliefs and also at a ladies looks. He protects himself declaring that he made the decision against freely destroying them since it encourages undesirable interest. “It’s better to misuse them via direct messages and block them,” he signs off.

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