6 Great Tips For Building The Ultimate Legs


Leg training really comes hard. To make matters worse, even a really great leg workout loses its effectiveness within about six weeks at which point you need to find a new brand one. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews shares some inside secrets to build your ultimate legs.

Here are the best six tips to move you beyond the basics and into higher level gains:

1. Tuning Your Squat 

This is the first exercise of the day! It’s the perfect time for a multi-joint movement that recruits the muscles, delivers the biggest anabolic punch, and handles the heaviest loads. 


If think that leg presses are the way to start, think again. Squats are the kings of leg day.

You can, ask an expert in the gym who knows their stuff to check out your form. Once you get the hang of it, it’s all about practice.

2. Progress Plans

Nothing works forever. You need to continually make changes in how you train. Do not take a random approach and hope for the best, but follow a proven strength-based workout. 

Of course, training for strength isn’t the same as training for size. Take the time to learn how to adjust key training variables. 


More than any other exercise in your leg workout, the one you do first can cause the most structural damage to your skeletal muscle cells and hence trigger the most gains in size and strength. 

3. Be Creative 

Start making adjustments to your current leg-exercise routine. As one study concluded, changing the movements you do is more important than changing your loading schemes

Substitute your front squat for the back squat.

Adjust your foot position when doing movements that allow multiple placement options.

Place your feet closer together or wider apart can also decide whether the load lands on your outer thighs or your inner ones.

4. Warm up

Another sign of an advanced workout is how far down you take the squat and other multi-joint leg movements.

warm up

The only way to get deeper squats is to start again at lower weights and work your way back up.

5. Load Your Posterior Chain

Squats and other multi joint thigh movements are great for your quads and buts, but they don’t do much for the hamstrings. Ignore your hams will make your physique appear asymmetrical. It might also undermine your knee stability. 

6. Find Ways to Overload

Another way to pour fuel on the leg-day fire is with intensity-boosting techniques. Here are a few more fuelling ways to add to the mix: 

  • Heavy volume training (HVT) is mainly good for putting on size. It includes high volume and heavy iron.
  • Resistance bands help build strength over the entire movement arc. 
  • Squat pauses can be easily done in a power rack.
  • Isometric training takes benefit of the fact that you can produce more force isometrically than concentrically. 

Leg day done right is very good for the heart as well.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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