Is It Time To Stop Dieting?


If you have a feel that you’ve been “dieting” for years with little fruitful, this article by CRB Tech Reviews is for you!

Our body view dieting as a stress. It’s stressful, because eating fewer calories than your body needs pushes it beyond its comfort zone. 

To get back into that wonderful, comfort zone, your body starts sending all kinds of messages to your brain to tell you to stop dieting.

To deal with the caloric deficit your diet has created, your body conserves energy by lowering the number of calories you burn every day.


To make matters worse, your hunger hormones (leptin and ghrelin) go through abrupt changes as you diet. It’s not fair (at all), but it’s true: The more you consistently take in fewer calories than you burn, the more urgently your hunger hormones tell your brain you’re really hungry.

Diet-Induced Adaptations

  • Lowered resting metabolic rate
  • Lowered thermal effect of food
  • Lowered exercise and no exercise activity thermo genesis
  • Lowered thyroid hormone (T3) production
  • Lowered leptin
  • Increased ghrelin

Diet Deviation

Originally, your goal is to lose a few pounds and might be within two months, you near the goal. 

But after a week, your figure still isn’t quite where you want to be and you don’t seem to be losing any more weight.

Now after a hiatus from diet for whatever reason it is; when you next step on the scale again, you will get flabbergasted: You will weigh more than you had before you left dieting and exercising. But it wasn’t just because you had eaten more food. 


Your body has grown accustomed to burning fewer calories during the dieting days. When you start to overeat, your body literally don’t know what to do with all those extra calories, so it starts storing them as fat till the next time when you went on for a diet.

A Walk back to Reality

Even after more strict diet routine and doubled exercise you will find yourself at losing end. So what next?

Break the Cycle

This strategy is not made for sudden weight loss. Instead, it’s all about working towards a healthier, more energetic body. You’re an active, energetic person. You need those calories to stay fit!

  1. Cut back on weigh-in frequency: What you weigh at any given moment isn’t the best measure of your progress. But, lay the foundation for achieving the physique you want by paying attention to your attitude both inside and outside the gym. 
  2. Increase your calories by 10 percent: If you’re accustomed to eat 1,200 calories a day, add 120 more. The number on the scale might creep up initially, but if you stay on the course, your body will respond by increasing your metabolism, which means you’ll start burning more calories than ever.
  3. Stay patient and consistent: As you increase calories, you will start feeling more energetic, which will improve your workout performance.

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