Not again! One More Person Quits Kapil Sharma’s Show Along With Sunil Grover

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about the two people quitting Kapil Sharma Show.

Couple of days back again, while coming back to Mumbai, a frustrating incident happened on the flight; Kapil was intoxicated and scolded Sunil Grover a lot.

Even though Sunil kept mum, Kapil didn’t stop with bad words; but this was not it! Kapil Sharma not only misused Sunil Grover, but he also harm Chandan Prabhakar with his harsh words.


Even Chandan Prabhakar was traveling with them and had to deal with Kapil’s surprising actions. Now, according to reviews, Sunil and Chandan have made the decision to come out of The Kapil Sharma Show. They won’t be capturing for the show any longer.

As per a resource, Kapil called Sunil several times, but he didn’t response his calls. The group was expected to shoot with the star cast of Naam Shabana, but the routine had to be terminated due to this.

Sony Channel questioned Navjot Singh Sidhu to get involved and deal with the issue, but it didn’t work out. Although Sunil and Chandan talked to Siddhu on call, they flatly rejected to perform with Kapil Sharma.

It is also said that Kapil cried a lot on the places, but we don’t know how far it’s real. If associates keep boycotting the show this way, it’ll be very bad for Kapil, don’t you think so?

The misunderstandings over The Kapil Sharma Show comes to an end. In what has appeared as television’s greatest spat these days, Sunil Grover has highly suggested that he has stepped out of the Kapil Sharma Show while the show’s host, Kapil, is still trying to get the ace comedian during the flip. In further evidence, Sunil, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar didn’t turn up for the shoot, signalling that the organization is over as difficulties are dealt with.

While Sunil has been incommunicado other than one twitter update he posted on Tuesday saying he is deeply hurt and Kapil should not believe that he is God, Chandan informed Spotboye that he will not appear for the display on day two of shooting either. He informed the entertainment website on Tuesday, “Yes, I am not shooting with Kapil today. They called me but I rejected. I said that I am not available.”

During Monday’s shoot, Ali Asgar — another essential acting professional in The Kapil Sharma Show — was also not available from the action. The show was hosting Naam Shabana team and the only ones we could see around were Kiku Sharda, Rochelle Rao and Sumona Chakravarti. Situation is said to be even more serious on day two of the shooting when Kapil’s team had to call in Ahsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal and Raju Shrivastava for the shoot.

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