Intake Of Beer And Your Beer Belly


Bulky belly is a problem with many people in your locality. It is natural to have a flabby fat layer in the stomach of an individual. This is mostly due to lack of activities. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews discusses the role of beer for the same.

Today, gadgets have made people quite comfortable and relaxing. This is the reason why many choose to sit continuously in front of the computer screen and develop that round and bulky stomach. Some people have an impression that, men develops belly due to excess consumption of beer. They develop it in such a bulk order that it resembles that of a pregnant lady.

beer belly

According to an expert professor dealing with surgery at Columbia University, The Omentum organ is responsible to store fat within the stomach. Though it is stored under the stomach muscles. This makes the man look fat with a hard belly.

Beer belly

Some people also have fun after developing a beer belly. This is also known as the pot belly as well as spare tire. This word beer is related to a type of fat called visceral fat. If the person looks funny with beer belly, it is not an entire fact to laugh. Rather, it could be really dangerous as the fat layer so developed is really harmful. This fat is stored under the skin layer. The fat so released from the omentum organ takes a route and runs to the liver. This fat can once again move to the arteries and cause severe damage to them. You could also develop high LDL cholesterol.

Why some develops beer belly

Due to the intake of too many calories, men develops hard belly. One of the main causes of this hard belly is due to beer consumption in volume. Even if you eat loads of calories, beer belly develops.


Some people also develop the beer belly due to consumption of sugary sodas. Beer is also an alcoholic beverage which is hard enough to be absorbed in the body if consumed in high volume. According to researchers and doctors, beer also contains high calories. Drinking calories in high amount is not good as high level of calories will be deposited in your body due to the same. Many people also have a tendency of consuming beer along with fast food.

Why is beer belly related to men?

Compared to women, men has a greater tendency of consuming alcoholic beverages. Hence, getting beer belly is quite common in men. Again, women tend to have a subcutaneous fat under the body layer. This has resistance function to the visceral fat under the muscles. Hence, it is quite likely for women to store fat under their legs. They can also store fat within their buttocks, arms as well as bellies. But, men have greater tendencies to get belly fat or the beer fat. And a change in lifestyle can help.

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