Tips To Lose Thigh Fat For Men With Exercise And Diet


Obesity is a big health issue in today’s world when most professionals have to spend time working while seated. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews, discuss the reasons behind and how to overcome. The deposition of unwanted fat in buttock, tummy and thighs are at raise owing to two main reasons:

  1. Intake of oily, fatty and junk food
  2. Lesser aerobic activity

Intake Of Food To Reduce Leg Fat without Exercise

  • Carbs- Try to avoid simple carbs as they cause a sudden insulin spike in the blood.
  • Protein- Lean proteins are good for weight loss like chicken or turkey, fish, ground beef, soy, beans, lentils, pulses, yogurt, dry fruits, and nuts.


  • Veggies and fruits- Green vegetables and fruits form the best source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that foster fat loss.
  • Fats- Turn towards the sources of good fats i.e. polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Avoid fried foods of any kind, all kinds of vegetable oils, edibles that have high starch content and packaged fruit juices or energy drinks because they are filled with sugar.

Faster Ways to Lose Fat in Your Thighs

Outdoor cardio routine

Hit the streets with running, rope climbing and walking to burn off the fat from your thighs, hips and also belly. It has been proven that metabolism rates increase when outdoor or indoor cardio is performed in an HIIT module.

Indoor cardio routine for men


Combine various exercises like planks, mountain climbers, side planks, power push-ups, box jumps to create your own cardio routine. Combine weight training with cardio and you’ll be glad to see your thighs in shape.

Exercises and Workouts to Burn Thigh Fat

Regular work out or engaging in moderate to intense aerobic exercises will greatly help in tackling fat around the thighs. Fat loss can only be done when the body functions in a state of calorie deficit that is when the body burns more calories than what is consumed.



It could be performed in a varied number of ways to isolate the front, upper and outer thighs. Squats are also great strength exercises and could help burn belly fat as the force is generated through the core. Gluteal muscles will also feel the heat, so be sure to shed some fat off your hips.

Sumo Squats

To burn the fat off the inner thighs, perform variants of the normal squat called the Sumo Squat which targets the adductors more.


Lunges must find a place in your routine as you try to lower the stubborn leg fat. Short lunges target the quadriceps, while, the wide lunges target the glutes.

Stiff-legged dead lifts

They target the hamstrings, leading to an intense burn of the fat around the back of the thighs and greatly help in losing the sagging fat.

Stiff-legged dead lifts

Some more exercises to lose fat from the hips and the back of your thighs are the one-legged back kicks and hip thrusts.

A perfect balance of exercises along with the right nutrition can take away you fat and gift you well-toned thighs. To completely reduce the excess fat in a span of week or two is impossible, but with consistency your legs will start looking different after a couple of weeks.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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