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If you take a random survey in street, you will find every other person is dieting. Dieting is incredibly popular in our culture, and entire industries of foods, books, and videos revolve around it. This blog by CRB Tech Reviews disuses about dieting and when it is time to stop.

In fact, it is so common that, in our daily lives, often seems difficult to find a person who hasn’t dieted or restricted what they eat in one way or other. It’s something that is socially accepted, and even considered admirable. It’s considered as a sign of self-discipline. As a result, many of us diet constantly over years could be decades, trying everything from low-carbs to low-fat, from paleo to vegan.

So the natural question is, do diets work? And the answer is, both yes and no. Sometimes, diets do in fact help us lose weight. But they don’t often help us keep it off. There is a kernel of truth in most diet plans.


Diets might be effective weight loss methods for a short period, but by taking nutritional principles to the extreme, they make it nearly impossible for us to continue following them indefinitely. That is part of the reason why so many people have tried such a wide range of diets.  So, if you’ve been dieting for years and you’re still not satisfied with your weight, it might be advisable to try something different.

Here’s to know if it’s time to stop dieting:

You’ve been doing for over 10 years and you still haven’t lost weight sustainably

You jump from diet to diet, searching for the silver bullet that will allow you to lose weight and keep it at bay. But the reality is, often times, dieting isn’t the solution at all. There might be underlying emotional or behavioural concerns that need to be addressed before you’ll b e able to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long-term.

A constant battle with food.

battle with food.

Food is not your enemy. It is something you need, and it gives you nutrients that help you to be healthy. Natural relationship with food is not to fear or hate it. Instead, it is to enjoy and appreciate.  If you feel like you’re always fighting a war with food—always try to restrict it, feeling tempted by certain foods but at the same time not wanting to “give in” and indulge in them—it’s a sure sign that you’ve been dieting too long.

You think that your real life begins when you finally lose the weight.

Your life is happening now every time! The feeling that you have to put your life on hold until you achieve the “perfect” body means that you’re keeping your happiness far too dependent upon your physical appearance.

You’re afraid to stop, even though it didn’t work.

to stop,

Dieting hasn’t worked, but you’re afraid that if you stop, others will think you’ve given up, and you might even gain more pounds. In addition, dieting gives you a sense of control, and letting go of could feel like chaos.

You’re actually sick and tired of dieting.

If you’re tired, it’s the time to stop. Any changes we make to the way we eat should come from a sense of positivity. Changing our eating habits should be something we do because we respect ourselves and we want to take healthy decisions. It should never be something you force yourself to do, even though you don’t wish to. Working with diet should come from a sense of motivation, not obligation.

If any of the above mentioned factors sound like you, and you suspect it might be time for you to stop dieting, what’s your next step? Well, start taking steps to logically create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Start eating healthy, whole foods, without counting calories or restricting. Enjoy your meal and eat with a sense of celebration and love.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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