Debunk The Common Myths About Women And Fitness


A common saying is that training will make women bulky whereas spot reduction works. Eat whatever you want as long as you do exercise. Keep reading this blog by CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

Let’s separate fact from fiction and make you feel good about what you’re doing and make steady progress toward your fitness goals. Here are 4 common myths and misconceptions about weight training.

Myth 1: Lifting Weights Will Make Woman Bulky

Lifting Weights

Fact: Lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky.

Women don’t produce that enough of testosterone to bulk up. In fact, men have 15-20 times more testosterone than women, and it still takes several years of heavy training and proper nutrition to gain muscles; for women even longer.

If you’re new to lifting, you will see improvements quickly than if you’ve been doing it for a while. Don’t worry that your arms and legs will suddenly blow up after a few sets of squats and bicep curls; it will never happen.

It is said, one can build whatever physique one desire, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—as long as you feel good.

Myth 2: Spot Reduction Works

Spot Reduction Works

All of us have little trouble areas, mainly the belly, lower back, and our inner or outer thighs.

An apparent inability to lose fat in these areas could be frustrating, especially if you’ve made significant progress in other parts of your body. Unfortunately, targeted fat loss is not scientifically possible.

But, you can reduce the visual impact of these areas by lowering your overall body fat and increasing your muscle size. Dieting will affect your overall body fat, so it can help reduce the trouble areas. You can also do exercises programmed to build muscle in your trouble areas. Simply don’t believe anything that promises spot reduction. It will never work.

Myth 3: I’m Exercising, so I Can Eat Whatever I Want


Sure, you burn calories while working out, but not nearly enough to compensate for eating whatever strikes your fancy. But you can have occasional treat. You just need to restrain yourself.

Myth 4: I’m Not Losing Weight, That Says My Program Isn’t Working

Losing Weight

While scale weight could be one indicator of progress, it shouldn’t be your only support. In fact, scale weight at times is downright deceiving. If you’re lifting weights, you’re adding lean mass. This could make your scale weight go up even if you’re actually losing body fat. The good news is if you can look lean and more muscular though the scale says you’re gaining weight.

Some better ways to measure your progress:

Strength and progress in the gym: Are you getting stronger? How is your energy levels in the gym?

Progress pictures: Small, daily changes in your physique can be easier to see in pictures.

How your clothes fit: The most telling indicator on the list. Are your clothes looser at the waist? Are your jeans feeling a bit tight on the butts?

Your measurements: What does it says if the scale is slowly increasing, but your waist measurements are staying the same? It says you’re adding lean mass, not body fat.

DEXA/Bod Pod tests: DEXA scans are considered multicompartment body-composition tests. They’ll tell you how much of your total body weight is lean mass (muscle), body fat, and even bone density.While these tests were quite expensive and hard to find, more companies are offering affordable options now.

The Bod Pod test will determine your body-fat percentage but not localized body-fat estimates or bone density.

There’s nothing wrong with using your scale, as long as it’s not the only tool you use.

Stay fit and healthy.

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