Does Akshay Kumar Deserve The National Award?

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about national award 2017 and did Akshay deserve it?

As always, the announcement of the 64th National Award has led to the typical mixture of chatter: griping from the nonwinners, regards from the champions, and much dislike amongst huge swathes of audiences. Before I go into the arena, let me put this on record, all over again, because it is not hard to ignore this once the screaming is over: homing in on the champions is a challenging process, and being on the court of the National Award is a challenging job.

You can try implementing the same analytics in general, and you should, but you don’t succeed because the flicks which come in from everywhere are hugely different, not just in language and story, but in the most primary aspects of technological requirements.

In its passion of being truly ‘national’, the court is given the unenviable process of trying to evaluate and contrast orange, celery and pears: a shiny Bollywood movie with a celebrity in control in argument with a gritty, low-budget ‘regional’ movie, on top of tale, low on manufacturing principles helmed by an excellent entertainer, compared to a poor quality movie with a hot key subject which has everyone talking: how do you choose which one is the ‘best’ amongst this crazily different lot?

Given all these restrictions, covered by parochial along with passions as well as grouses, which everyone in the knowledge confesses secretly but will never recognize in public areas, it is near difficult for the National Award to go totally by merit: some prospective awardees are always going to be more equivalent than the others.

Some of the awards have gone to deserving movies. Pink needs a National Award for saying ‘no means no’, where the theme is about women safety.

The Best Function Film to Kasav (Marathi) may have th receiver of the award because the theme is about depressive disorders, the Big WHO-mandated Topic Of This Year. It will help that it is shot in an amazing place, and uses concern to glow the light on a disease which is not taken as seriously as it should.

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