6 Insider Tips And Tricks For Building Your Ultimate Triceps


Some bodybuilders prefer to stick with one routine that works. Here in this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we sghare 6 tips to keep your triceps workout fresh and stimulating!

If you’ve been working on muscle growth for a while, you know it’s harder to add muscle the longer you’ve been hanging around a weight room. So if consistency and repetition aren’t enough, what can give you that added boost? Tricks and tips, baby, tips and tricks.

1. Don’t Begin With Press-downs!


The first exercise in any body-part routine must be most challenging, the one you do with most weight. So unless you’re warming up your elbows, don’t start your triceps workout with cable press-downs!

All of the press-downs (overhand, underhand, rope, V-bar) are single-joint exercises that lack the anabolic kick of multijoint exercises. Don’t start your workout with an exercise that’s lighter on muscle-growth stimulus or one that can fatigue your arms before you ever get to your bigger movements. So begin your workout with a single-joint exercise. But it should be the exception, not the rule.

2. Take It Overhead

One great trick for arm growth is to reach up the skies.

For a muscle to contract forcefully, it must be fully stretched first, and that won’t happen if your elbows are stuck by your sides. To develop your long head, make sure your routine includes overhead barbell, dumbbell, or cable extensions.

3. Stop Training Like a Living Dead

 Training Like a Living

There are various triceps exercises. Dozens. So why is it that people tend to rely on just a handful of go-to exercises for this or any other body part?

Because these exercises are easy to start, or might be you just go into living dead mode when you step into the gym. Either way, don’t forget the law of diminishing returns.

4. Play With Your Angles

In lifting,it’s all in the angles. Just as you can increase the efficiency of your chest workouts by switching between incline, decline, and flat-bench presses, you can nail on those Clydesdale-size horseshoes by changing up your grip and arm position.

Don’t stop there. Close-grip bench presses don’t always have to be done on flat benches. By adding incline and decline versions of the press, you’re slightly altering the muscle-recruitment pattern and point of maximum stimulation. The same is true of skullcrushers.

5. Go Extreme

Go Extreme

So, yes, varying your exercises is a smart way to invigorate your training. But it’s not the only way. If you’ve fallen into the 3-sets-of-10-reps trap, you’ve got a whole other way to add variety to your workout.

6. Train to Beat Your Sticking Point

When you’re doing a bench press, the triceps kick in more toward the end of the range of motion, when your arms are almost fully extended and you’re near the peak-contracted position. But you won’t get the full triceps value from this movement if you use lower weight to get through the sticking point at the bottom of the ROM.

We conclude now.

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