Love Couple AlDub Gets Second Biggest Break

CRB Tech Reviews talk about the second movie break of AlDub in today’s celebrity news section.

The humble Alden Richards always has a simple belief “easy come, easy go” .And he could feel the same for a while for his love team with Maine Mendoza.

The AlDub team celebrated their first anniversary on July 16, and the two young celebrities were very grateful.

In an interview, Alden told that during AlDub’s first month he thought that it would fizzle out as fast as it became a hit. But the 24-year-old actor realized that there are times when it pays off to simply go with the flow.


Maine was more optimistic about the phenomenal pairings destiny. She added that their personalities and the friendship they’ve made, she genuinely believes that they would last—at least this long. Maine earned best supporting actress in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival for her performance in the comedy movie “My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore.”

The cliché says popularity attracts criticism and the two had their share over the past year. But what they learn in th process is to ignore the harsh words wither on their looks or families….They learn to ignore.

Maine said that she has been bashed for her appearance. She added that she doesn’t mind those wrong words. She expressed her displeasure in which her family gets dragged.


Directed by Mike Tuviera, “Imagine,” which opened on July 13, is about Andrew (Alden) a heartbroken Italy based man. He meets the hopeless romantic Gara (Maine), an overseas Filipino worker desperately looking for her true love. But because of their different outlooks when it comes to love, they are led to believe that they’re not meant for each other.

With a small film crew, Alden and Maine flew to Italy in May to shoot the movie for two weeks. Scenes were filmed in various picturesque sights in the cities of Como and Verona, in the country’s northern region. Alden said that this is their second movie together, but they have given this opportunity to do a movie abroad.

Aldub and YayaDub

In words of Maine, it’s a dream come true, who considers everything happening in her life and career a source of pride. Being nostalgic she said that her life wasn’t the same before AlDub, so she’s just thankful for all the blessings.

She continues to say that in “Imagine,” she and Alden went beyond the basic cutesy antics they resort to in their kalyeserye.

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