Tips To Keep Your Bones Strong Lifelong


It is said that strong bones are the pillars of a body that’s healthy and athletic. This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews discusses how to eat and train to help keep bones strong with age.

While you might think you’re years away from having to think about bone health, let me tell you that taking care of your bones isn’t solely about preparing for the future; it matters now. By the age 18, about 90 percent of your adult bone structure gets solidified. By age 30, the chances of making further enhancements to your bone density is slim.

Don’t dishearten, your nutrition and exercise habits could have a good impact on helping to maintain the bone strength you have and to maximize every opportunity to add strength.

Calcium Concentration

Your bones are alive and constantly restructuring. This occurs through the removal and addition of bone tissue, and the process is called bone turnover. If it is to assume that you are getting enough nutrition and exercise, your body keeps on adding more bone material throughout childhood, and even up to age 30.

Calcium Concentration

It’s around this age; however, that bone turnover starts to net a negative outcome. But lifestyle and nutrition choices might help support the health, density and strength of the bones.

Said that 99.5 percent of your body calcium stores are within your bones, it is obvious that calcium plays an integral role in making bone stronger.

Calcium-rich foods are dairy products, as well as cruciferous green veggies, soy products, and kidney beans. If you don’t eat enough of these foods daily, then you need to supplement with calcium to help meet your daily goal.

While selecting a calcium supplement, choose calcium carbonate or citrate. They are better absorbed by the body compared to others.

Vitamin D Requirement

Vitamin D might help promote bone strength by helping increased calcium absorption. Unfortunately, only few foods contain enough vitamin D to give you all that you need.

Vitamin D Requirement

The good news is that sunshine is the best source of vitamin D. When the UVB rays from the sun contact the skin, they initiate a series of reactions that converts vitamin D precursor molecule in your skin, into an another form of vitamin D known as calcitriol. It’s calcitriol that is useable and works in a hormone-like fashion to enhance production of calcium-binding proteins, and ultimately, calcium absorption.

So does only getting out in the sun were sufficient to make this happen? Lifestyle, geographical location, skin pigmentation, and use of sunscreen impair the absorption of necessary UVB rays to make calcium. As a result, most of us are deficient with vitamin D. So you need to take a supplement as well.

To optimize absorption, select a vitamin D-3 supplement, also known as cholecalciferol.

Resistance Training: The Final Touch

Working out with weights could further improve your bone strength and preservation. This is because resistance training acts as a direct stressor to your bones. To adapt to such a stress, your body enhances the production of cells responsible for laying down new bone material. Hence, bone density could be maintained or even enhanced.

Resistance Training

You need to incorporate weight-bearing exercises at least 2-3 times a week. Push-ups and bodyweight squats work great, along with any other exercise that loads up your frame and makes it work. Walking, jumping rope, and jogging are also good for maintaining bone-mineral density.

We conclude now.

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