6 Unique Arm Exercises To Develop New Muscles

For many guys, arm training can become boring. The old standards work first, but after a while your body adapts, causing strength and muscle growth to come to a halt. When that happens, you must find new ways to challenge your arms strength and let them grow. Keep reading this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

1. Fists-on-Bench Tricep Extension

This exercise will challenge the strongest of lifters. A big factor with this exercise is your body weight. Adjust your position as required to increase or lower your lever arm. As an added benefit, your core will earn as well.

2. Suspension Strap Triceps Extension

Suspension straps or TRX will help you decease or increase your leverage by adjusting your position, leaving a lot of space to make it difficult or manageable as required. You can light up your triceps with some forced reps and get in a lot of time under tension.

To make the exercise difficult, walk your feet further back so your body is closer to horizontal; to make it tougher, walk forward so you’re closer to standing upright.

3. Cable X-Pulldown to Tricep Pushdown

This exercise begins out being a back exercise but ends up torching your triceps. By utilizing the laterals and upper back, you allow yourself to use more weight than a traditional reverse-grip triceps pushdown.

4. Legless Rope Climb

Climbing up a rope isn’t considered to strict biceps exercise, since it also hits so many other muscles; but your biceps takes a beating as well. Climbers and gymnasts basically don’t get huge because their disciplines reward a lightweight frame, but their arms are always jacked. Use rope climbs in your workouts and watch your biceps ready with some changes. If you do not have a rope to climb you can practice some neutral grip pull-ups.

5. Row to Hammer Curl

Doing heavy back exercises will hit your biceps a lot more. Combine a conventional rowing exercise with a biceps one and you have the perfect bicep-building marriage. By performing a row with heavy weight and ending with more flexion at the elbow, you cause a lot of stimulation to the biceps. This movement will permit you to use more weight than you usually do for hammer curls.

6. Fat-Grip and Thick-Bar Biceps Curl

This is one of the lesser performed biceps exercise out there. Some athletes don’t have chance to access to a thick bar, since most gyms don’t keep them, but don’t let that stop you. You can buy various brands of fat grip accessories that could be attached to bars, dumbbells and various cable and machine attachments. You gonna activate more muscle tissues due to the extra grip strength that will be required.

The Workout Regime

Take rest as required between sets.

Legless Rope Climb: 3 sets/2 climbs

Fists-on-Bench Triceps Extension: 3 sets/8 reps

Cable X-Pulldown to Triceps Extension: 3 sets/10-12 reps

Row to Hammer Curl: 3 sets/ 8-10 reps

Fat Grip Biceps Curl: 3 sets/ 8-10 reps

Strap Triceps Extension: 3 sets of reps till you can’t

We conclude now.

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