Read To Know Brandan Fokken’s Inspiring Story


Do you need a greater dose of life inspiration and workout motivation? Read or watch Brandan Fokken’s amazing life story and follow his workout whenever you need. Keep reading this blog by CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

He says that he was 26 or 27 when he seriously got into training and working in gyms. It was a long, difficult road to that point, and things certainly weren’t that easier when he got into serious physique competition. In fact, after one of his first physique shows, he was near to death. It is a hard story to hear, but it’s all important to share.

Inspiring Story

When he was in a hospital, there was a point when he said that if he gets out of there, he’ll do well. That moment, and that statement, focused him as a person. It gave him a greater purpose, and his entire life changed for good after that moment.

This doesn’t say that hard training is less important to him as it was before. It is, and would always be, the basic of his life. It’s what took him to the edge, and what brought him back. Now, he’s eager to share that message and to the workouts secret that helped him sustain.

This arms workout wasn’t fancy. It’s a hard one where you reduce a lot of work into a little time, because the other option is fruitless. He said he likes those workouts because they put the responsibility on the person performing them to make it great.

 Inspiring Story

He says thatone can hit this workout once or twice a week pretty easily. It’ll take you no more than half an hour. Let’s see the gist:

Brandan Fokken’s Lightning-Fast Arm Workout

1 Triceps Pushdown – Rope Attachment

(3 sets, 10 Reps (Rest 30-60 sec.)

2 Dumbbell Bicep Curl

(3 sets, 10 Reps (Rest 30-60 sec.)

3 Side Lateral Raise

(3 sets, 10 Reps (Rest 30-60 sec.)

4 Pullups

(Using weight or assistance as required

3 sets, 10 Reps (Rest 30-60 sec.)

5 Close-Hands Push-Up

(Using bench

3 sets, 10 Reps (Rest 30-60 sec.)

He says remember that these numbers aren’t scribbled in stone. Ten reps is what one aims for.

Personally, he never likes to stick with a certain number. His mantra is push as hard as you can, get the maximum benefit one can out of the body, and the best results wait.

We conclude now.

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