The Long And Steady Gains Of Workout


The works of Greg Nuckols is amazing and inspiring.Greg runs a great website called Strengtheory which is packed with training gems. Keep reading CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

His post on making a novice strength training routine more effective is one of the best articles.

Greg’s plateau-busting advice that concerns with the manipulation of sets, reps and overall volume is very stunning in its simplicity.


It’s also perfect for very long and steady programmes.

Here we share a strength based3-days-per-week workout programme, inspired by Greg, that will ensure slow and steady strength gains, mainly for beginners.

The Routine

Exercise selection

The 3 days will be focused around 4 exercises.

Lower body movement.

Upper body push movement.

Upper body pull movements.

Lower Body Movements



Upper Body Push Movements


Overhead presses


Upper Body Pull Movements


Chin ups

Lat pulldowns

A Sample Workout

A Sample Workout

A sample programme (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) would go along the lines of:



Back squat
Overhead press
Weighted chin ups
Dumbbell row



Front squat
Weighted dips
Inverted rows
Barbell row



Back squat
Overhead press
T-Bar row
Seated cable row


Now that the exercises are selected, apply the following principles.

Log every workout

It is essential that you record a log book and record every single workout.

NB: Recording progresses is pivotal not just for this routine, but for all workouts, so make it a habit

As Henry points out in our 10 Old-School Commandments For Building Muscle, you must be noting down everything: sets, reps, rest periods, calories, macros as this would help you do what is working, which isn’t, and what needs to be changed.

Progression, sets and reps

For all exercises, start off with a light weight which you could easily manage to lift for 3 sets of 10 reps (3 x 10).

Next, every session, add 2.5kg to all lifts.

If you can’t manage 3 sets of 10 on a lift, lower the count down to 3 sets of 8 (3 x 8).

If you can’t manage 3 sets of 8, lower the countdown to 5 sets of 5 (3 x 5).

If you can’t manage 5 sets of 5, lower the countdown to 5 sets of 3 (5 x 3).

At this point you will start your real struggle.

When that starts to happen, it’s time to lower the weight and increase the sets and reps.

Check your log book and see when you changed from 3 sets of 10 to 3 sets of 8.

Then take 10% off that weight.

E.g. if you started to struggle at 100 kg (3 x 10) then you will start with 90kg

Now start with 5 sets of 10 (5 x 10).

Once you can’t manage 5 sets of 10, reduce it 5 sets of 8 (5 x 8)

Once you can’t manage 5 sets of 8, reduce it 6 sets of 5 (6 x 5)

Once you can’t manage 6 sets of 5, lower it down to 7 sets of 3 (7 x 3)

You need not worry about the sets and reps, they all falls in line with each other.

A quote by Greg Nuckols:

You don’t have to switch all your lifts over to the new rep scheme all at once.

Stick with same lifts till you completely stop on them.

Once that happens, change it.

Maintain your diet; eat quality wholesome food and aim for 0.8-1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight.

We conclude now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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