Second Trailer Of Maatr Is Out

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about the second trailer of Maatr.

Raveena Tandon is made her big display back with a film named ‘Maatr’. A trailer of the film has released and had satisfied us a lot. And now, the creators have launched the second film trailer of the film. Like the first one, the second film trailer is similarly influential and hard-hitting.

Raveena Tandon is simply amazing in the film trailer, and we can expect a great efficiency from her in the film. After viewing the film trailer, we can clearly say that this one won’t be an easy watch.

After her cameo in the forgettable ‘Bombay Velvet’, Raveena Tandon is coming back to the big display with the hard-hitting ‘Maatr’ that are responsible for the harsh topic of sexual assault. A trailer released online on Thursday mid-day and informs the heart-wrenching tale of a mother who sets out to avenge her little girl’s death.

The film is set in Delhi and recognizes Raveena playing Vidya, who is left shattered after her young daughter Tia’s horrible killing. What makes issues more intense is the lax mind-set of police officers and the judiciary towards the case. When her spouse and the police offer her no support, Raveena’s personality takes it upon herself to search for vengeance and mete out penalties to the causes.

Written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed, ‘Maatr’ once again delivers the highlight on the widespread sexual assault occurrences in Delhi. It also features how police officers and the judiciary system in India don’t succeed to bring the causes to book, in the face of such a heinous criminal activity. A trailer on a cooling note – it declares “While you were viewing the film trailer, a lady was raped somewhere in the country. A chance to think. A chance to act.”

When a top politician relates to Raveena Tandon’s personality and says, “Aurat hai… kya kar legi (She’s a lady… what can she do?),” we know he will soon have to eat his terms. After all, Maatr is one of those movies that wants to create the most on the effective pattern of ‘women-oriented’ movies in Bollywood. But simple dialogues can’t preserve a poor tale, and that becomes obvious in no time.

An idealistic Delhi school teacher Vidya Chauhan, performed by Raveena Tandon, lives a damaged individual lifestyle. Though she likes her little girl, her formula with her spouse is far from friendly. While trying her best to handle with the globe with a grin, she and her little girl are gangraped. To complicate things, the key minister’s son is among the causes.

The undercover official Shroff (Anurag Arora) buckles under stress, and does his best to clean the situation under cover. However, he underestimates Vidya’s rage who is now out for vengeance.

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