Tone Your 6 Pack With Ab-Wheel Roll-Outs


Although ab wheels might seem like just another fitness device, they’re not simply anything. Give a try and get ready for one of the most intense core workouts ever! To know more keep reading this space by CRB Tech Reviews.

Why the wheel? It’s one of the best tools for developing your abs, and could actually help facilitate a fantastic full-body workout. Ab wheel exercises involve way more than just your abs. The impact is on the core muscle of the rectus abdominis, but you’ll also must engage your arms, shoulders, chest, back, butts, and even your legs when you train with an ab wheel.

Here’s why you should consider rolling with the wheel. 

Ab-natomy of Core Training

There are essentially two types of ab exercises: The first helps the abs performing some kind of trunk flexion.E.g. : Crunches, sit-ups, and knee tucks. The second type is exercises where the abs are used primarily in a stability/anti-extension role. E.g. planks, hollow body holds, and front levers. 


The classic ab-wheel roll-out gives you the best of both. It involves flexing and extending the trunk, but the most intense part of the movement happens when your body is extended horizontally, with the abs working in an anti-extension capacity The farther you roll the wheel away from your body, the more work your abs have to do in order to maintain a straight trunk.

Your lower back is a key player in performing ab-wheel roll-outs as well, acting as an antagonist to your abdominal muscles, and thus provides additional stability for your spine.

The Wheel Deal

The full standing ab-wheel roll-out might well be the single best exercise for developing your midsection, but you’re going to have to work your way up to it by using some progressive variations. Newcomers to the ab wheel can start getting a feel for the instability it creates by simply holding an isometric plank on the wheel.

If you couldn’t hold an ab-wheel plank on your toes yet, you can change it by placing your knees on the ground instead. Either way, ensure to maintain a straight back the whole time, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders and legs.

Roll Out!

Once you’ve become comfortable with the ab-wheel plank, you’re ready to safely begin practicing ab-wheel roll-outs. 

ab wheel

Start with a kneeling plank position, holding the ab wheel beneath your chest, then roll the wheel away from your body, bringing your hips and torso down toward the ground as you extend your arms overhead. Remember to avoid arching your back or raising your hips in the air. The lower you go, the harder the move becomes, so feel free to begin with a partial range of motion at first. Afterall, the aim is to reach your arms completely overhead with your elbows locked and body hovering only a few inches above the ground. Pause briefly in the bottom position, then roll the wheel back to the start position.

Once you can perform 20 consecutive kneeling ab-wheel roll-outs with a full range of motion, you are equipped to begin working towards the standing ab-wheel roll-out.

Like the kneeling version, you could start practicing the standing ab-wheel roll-out with a partial range of motion. It might well be the most intense ab exercise available, and it takes a lot of strength and control to perform even a single rep, so ensure proper respect to it.

We conclude now.

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