Tips To Build An Athletic Body In 8 Weeks


It is immaterial if you’re an offseason athlete or just want to train like one, look no further than this comprehensive 8-week plan. Keep reading this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

There’s a good chance that, at some point, you’ve envied the physique of a good athlete. Who hasn’t? While the Arnolds get plenty of attention for being inspirational, the truth is that other types of athletes across various sports like football, soccer, boxing, have done the same, if not more to get lifters into the weight room.

When we think about these athletes training, we don’t imagine them spending an hour out on the cable cross-over machine. We think them performing dynamic and explosive movements that highlight and improve their skills.

But what does that mean? If you’re training for a specific sport, there are going to be some differences between how you gear up and how other athletes do it.

athletes training

At a minimum, an effective athlete must have a balance of strength, explosiveness, and conditioning. It appears simple enough, but how do you bring it all together? With a program that uses the right balance of heavy lifts, fast lifts, and a time-proven approach to conditioning.

Many Pieces, One Puzzle

On face value, building strength, explosiveness, and conditioning together is simple: Lift something heavy, do something explosive, and run a little. Boom! You’re an athlete. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in practice. You must have a plan, and that plan begins with building strength.

Any lifter worth the chalk on his or her hands knows you won’t build a strong physique by only doing triceps kick-backs and calf raises. On the other hand, you simply can’t max out on the big lifts all day, every day, either. So you start out with movements that develop overall strength effectively: squats, deadlifts, pulls and presses.

Explosive lifting is crucial, mainly when it comes to maximizing the growth of type II muscle fibres. But, training those fibres isn’t as simple as “lift faster.” In this program, you’ll aim on two different types of explosiveness: speed strength and strength speed.


In other words, speed strength refers to moving as quickly as possible with a lighter weight, whereas strength speed is all about moving a heavier weight as quickly as you can. For instance, speed strength might be a medicine-ball throw, while strength speed could be power clean. Working both is important to develop an athletic physique.

The final aspect of athleticism is conditioning. To an average gym-goer, this might simply mean throwing in 20 minutes of jogging on the treadmill after lifting. For the athletic-minded lifter, however, conditioning is much more than that—and much tougher.

In the most basic sense, every athlete has both aerobic and anaerobic systems, yes this could be further broken down, but for our purposes, this simple distinction will do just fine. Aerobic generally refers to lower-intensity work such as slow running, walking, or cycling; anaerobic is typically higher-intensity work such as sprinting or lifting.

Contrary to what some internet gurus have been trying to say recently, development of both systems is vital to overall athletic performance and maximum physique results.

In gist

You require a plan that challenges you in the right ways and at the right intensities, mainly when the aim is to develop multiple attributes at the same time.


This program utilizes a block approach. The first month is an accumulation block, which says it has higher volume with lesser intensities. You accumulate volume over the course of the month.

The second month is called intensification block, which places a higher focus on gaining maximum strength. This approach extends to the conditioning element of the program as well.


The final week of each phase of lifting calls for reduced volume and intensity, and the final week in Block 2 omit explosive movements. It shows your deload weeks, which allow you to take advantage of the hard work you’ve been doing through the all-important concept of super compensation.

In short it is 2 months of hard work that will leave you stronger, faster, and looking more athletic. But, don’t try this program if you are cutting, as the workload and intensities will not match up well with a calorie deficit.

And keep reading CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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