Women Sweat As Much The Same Like Men

We often see men sweating a lot at the gym or while exercising. And we say gosh! How much they sweat. It is considered that men sweats a lot and much.To be honest, like most guys even women are also sweaty. Keep reading CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

A recent study published in Experimental Physiology found that gender has nothing to do with how much one sweat. Instead, it’s about the size of the body.

Our body has two cooling mechanisms: increase circulation to the surface of your skin, and sweating. The body size determines which of the two mechanisms the body uses more.


Australian and Japanese scientists grouped 60 people (24 women and 36 men) and put them through trials of light exercise and moderate exercise. The temperature in the room was kept at 82.4 F (28 C), and the humidity wasat 36%. In that environment, the body is able to either increase circulation to the skin or increase sweat in order to neutralise the effects of exercise.

Interestingly enough, both the men and the women saw the same increase in body temperature. Body temperature rises as a result of exercise until the cooling mechanisms take care of it. This identical rise in body temperature shows that exercise has the same effects on men and women; men don’t get hotter than women while they work out.


The study but found one difference between participants: smaller people (both men and women) with more skin surface area per kg of body mass tends to sweat less. Their bodies increases circulation to their skin to let out the heat. The larger people (either men and women) rather sweats more because the amount of blood needed to increase skin circulation would be much greater for the demands placed by the exercise on their body.

The fact is that, when it comes to sweat, gender doesn’t create much difference. It’s all about the size. The huge you are, the harder it is for the body to cool off through circulation alone, so it takes to sweating to let off the body heat building up as a result of your exercise.

We conclude now.

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