Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Take 2 Episode Review

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Sarabhai vs Sarabhai take 2 first episode review.

It has been seven years since we viewed Sarabhais and there have been changes. Maya Sarabhai (Ratna Pathak Shah) has gone salt-and-pepper, Indravadhan Sarabhai (Satish Shah) has not.

They are both grandparents now which creates Sahil Sarabhai (Sumeet Raghavan) and Monisha Sarabhai (Rupali Ganguly) parents to Arnab Sarbhai (pronounced Ornob, now we know who christened him). Rosesh Sarabhai (Rajesh Kumar) has got a girlfriend and a promotion; gladly, he still creates poetry. That is everything we learned from the first display of Sarbhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2.

There has been a change here too — the display now comes on Hotstar not television. You note it on Thursday if you are compensated top quality client and on Wednesday for the hoi polloi. We know which classification you are part of depending on when you talk about the times of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2, because talk about them you will.

The first part of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2 is named “Monisha Ki Mannat” and even before we hit the perform key we were sure that the display is going to be everything we expect it to be. So, Sarabhais are trapped on a bus and during nowhere (oh, the horror). Given that it is Monisha’s doing (obviously), She has more than enough to say and a lot of it includes Monisha being middle-class.

Rosesh also has something to say, but it in the proper execution of poems. He describes how a bus drops into a gorge: “Kabum karesh kim tom ching tong ching tong.” Next, we are presented to Guddu, Monisha and Sahil’s seven-year-old son. But hey, we informed you he is Arnab. That is because She discovered the name Guddu so “North Indian punjabishly middle-class.”

We must tell you, all of this happens in the preliminary three minutes of the 24 minutes show. Being the starting display, the creators of the display presented every personality of the display such as Dushyant whom Indravradhan Sarabhai calls ‘I will explain’ and Madhusudan Fufa who is ‘Behra Bakasur’ for Indu.

Sahil Sarabhai encourages the viewers to the Sarabhai home and says nothing has changed in themselves members.

But his close relatives being at their unforeseen best, at the end of the release, he has to confess that everything has gone through a little modification. Like his small house is now a penthouse, She Sarabhai has a wonderful grand son, and Rosesh has got a campaign. He is now the lead acting professional in a TV display named, ‘Bahu Macharr Beta Khacharr’.

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