6 Steps to Heal Your Low Back Injury


This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews, we discuss about the lumbar area or lower back and the injuries and ways to heal.

If you’ve done it, you pulled too hard with a rounded back on the last dead lift, waited one second longer before tapping, or basically had something unpleasant happened right above your sitting apparatus. By bad luck, lower back injuries are very common to starters of CrossFitters and BJJ players.

Here’re a few easy steps to get you back in the gym or back on the routine, without any pain:

Rest. Yes, you must not go working out for a while. You need to do it from the comfort of your couch for at least a few days until you can walk, jog, and bend in all directions without pain.


You must visit a good chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist. Yep, some of them are odd and the medical establishment doesn’t love any of them, but each specific practitioner knows the lumbar region and knows it quite well.

Cupping. It is a good way to decrease spasm in the lumbar area while improving the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the area. Increased blood flow means waste products from the trauma area getting cleared out. This is in fact good for you.

Foam Roller. If you don’t have an access to any healthcare and you’re relying on your own then your first step is to get extremely familiar with your foam roller. Roll back and forth over the pained areas, gradually and carefully for about 10 minutes or unless you start to feel a decrease in the discomfort.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Finally, it’s time to make sure that you’re eating in the best anti-inflammatory manner possible. It’s time to avoid the grains and ensure you’re taking your fish oil regularly. Lowering inflammation system will help your body to focus on the injury and not spend its healing energies elsewhere!


Ice. Apply ice on your lower back well. Ice is certainly cold and hence sometimes uncomfortable to be applied to your body, but the anti-inflammatory benefits far outweigh the momentary discomfort.

Do remember that an ounce of prevention is worth weeks of sitting on the sidelines, especially with spinal issues. Training wise, with your body’s favourite positioned well beyond your ego, will help you keep you training longer, and with lesser pain.

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