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Half Girlfriend movie review: Tu Thodi Der Aur Theher Ja viewers, the movie croons

It is quite exciting that both the Bollywood produces recently (Hindi Medium and Half Girlfriend) cope with India’s (in)capability to talk English. However, while smaller-budget Hindi Medium creates a spot, Half Girlfriend creates you want to fist-bump yourself in the top, ideally with Hulk’s fists.


Mohit Suri requires Chetan Bhagat’s insipired novel Half Girlfriend and changes it into a full-blown movie that cavorts around Delhi, Patna, Simrao, and then New York. The novel was no page-turner and the movie is just as bad, if not more intense.

Sir, I am from village.

Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) comes from the little town of Simrao to St Stephen’s in Delhi. On waiting for around record to participate in the nationwide golf football group, Madhav protects his chair in the higher education through the activities allowance. He falls in love with Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor) who seems to play basketball with as much truthfulness as a cat neglecting a football tossed at it.

While Madhav falls for Riya, Riya choses to be his half-girlfriend – dost se zyada, girlfriend se kum. Now why she would do that despite investing all her time with this boy is any body’s thought.

Pushed by his buddy Shailesh Pandey (Vikrant Massey) to resolve his half-girlfriend drama, Madhav encourages Riya to his hostel space.

He tries to get comfortable, she bails. Before that, of course, comes the intense declaration – Rehti hai to reh, warna kat le. Riya chooses to end things, declares she is planning a wedding, and vanishes.

The remainder of the movie is just Madhav either pursuing Riya or looking for her in some town or the other. The boy gets un-friendzoned only in the end, in New York City.

What nonsense?

The line – Rehti hai to reh, warna kat le – as it appears in the movie is a modify from what Bhagat had written in his book.

The very first declaration was – Deti hai to de, warna kat le. And this is perhaps the only extensive factor in the whole movie, some sensitivisation has lastly occurred.

Besides that, the Half Girlfriendis agonizing. The music Tu Thodi Der Aur Theher Ja seems to be a ardent prayer from Suri, Bhagat and both the Kapoors to the listeners. It performs throughout the movie, constantly.

The movie creates no situation for the language ‘issue’ in the nation. Madhav challenges with his English at his higher education meeting, in a message to obtain cash to build toilets in his mom’s university, last but not least, in it he creates in front side of a bad CGI Bill Gates

He changes to his Hindi whenever he falters and that, according to the movie, makes everything he says more genuine and captivating. He ties with Riya again by asking her to help him with his English conversation.

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