4 Easy Tips for a Happy, Healthy Brain


Some people overlook the concept of actively treating their brain like a vital organ or muscle but the fact it’s one of the most important features of the human body. It is the source of control, with no limitations, motor skills, judgment, language, emotion, perception, memory, thought, attention, ability to plan and carry out tasks, and ability to live a purposeful life. Keep reading CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

Like other organs, our brains tend to become less sharp as we age causing diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia that alter the way we operate on a daily basis. While these diseases come in later in life they are not entirely due to age and can be caused by several outside factors such as poor diet and lifestyle, and heredity as well. To mention, Alzheimer’s has become the 6th leading cause of death in the US and till date is not curable.

4 Tips for Long-Lasting Mental Health

1. Get Fit

Get Fit

This is just another reason to get your butts, or brains, to the gym. Your brain needs circulation and oxygen just as much as other organs and muscles do. Aerobic exercise is found to reduce brain cell loss in elderly patients and allows new cells to grow. 

2. Feed Your Brain

Feed Your Brain

Research shows eating a diet mainly low in fat and cholesterol but high in protein and sugar could reduce the risk of developing dementia and other side effects. If you’re on a clean eating diet now you’re on the right track. Stay away from foods rich in fat and that will greatly lower the risk of blood clots as they increase your risk in the development of Alzheimer’s. 

Products like vegetables and dark-skinned fruits promote excellent brain health due to the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients they provide directly, rather than from a pill. Also good are nuts and cold-water fish for omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Become a Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly


Staying closer with friends and family and being involved in social activities and social interactions could greatly contribute to a long life of strong cognitive health. Along with physical exercise and a good diet, you must be incorporating activities into your life to maintain your social skills. Keep your brain active through conversation could also make an enormous difference as you age. 

4. Let your Brain Work

Let your Brain Work

If you’ve nailed the tips 1-3 you’re doing great but Tip 4 makes many people struggle. In a time with so much technology around us, it’s hard to turn off phones and laptops and take 30 minutes to get lost in a book. Games where you have to use strategy and analysis are good ways to keep your brain sharp and active on the inside. We might need exercise to bring our brain some much needed blood flow but let it out of its proverbial cage and play sometimes.

Studies show that lower levels of education led to higher risk of Alzheimer’s, which is possibly owing to less mental stimulation. If you can’t read a book and prefer to be glued to the computer, do some research on a topic you always wanted to learn about. You might also watch a good documentary. 

We conclude now.

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