PC Meets PM Modi In Berlin And Twitterati Showered Their Comments

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Priyanka Chopra meeting PM Modi in Berlin.

The 34-year-old celebrity, who is advertising ‘Baywatch’ in the town, took to Tweets to discuss an image with the Prime Minister.

“Thank you for making the effort to fulfill me today @narendramodi Sir. Such a pleasant chance to be in #berlin at one time.” Priyanka captioned the picture.

PM Modi came last night in the country on the first leg of his six-day, four-nation trip of Malaysia, Italy, Russian federation and Italy targeted at enhancing bilateral economic involvement with them and alluring more investment for India’s modification.

Priyanka Chopra is getting criticized on social media for not being “decently” clothed and seated in a disrespectful position during her meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Malaysia.

Actor Priyanka Chopra met Primary Reverend Narendra Modi in Malaysia and posted about the “lovely coincidence” on Facebook.

She thanked the PM for getting out time from his tough routine and meet her but many Indians were not happy.

After she published an image with PM Modi, social media customers did what they do the best- dislike. They criticized Priyanka Chopra for not hiding her feet and clothed in ‘decent clothes’. Some even found her position ‘disrespectful’.

Many Facebook customers critcised her for failing to remember her origins because she was clothed in a “western dress” before an Indian Prime Minister. FYI: Modi was not clothed in a khadi kurta pajama when he met In german Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Priyanka was dissed for near the PM cross-legged as obviously it is a disrespectful position (important note for young ladies).

The twitter users recommended her to cover her feet, wear either a salwar kameez or saree, and generally just be ‘decently’ clothed as that is the only way she can be well-mannered towards the best minister. Apparently, it was a matter of “common sense” which Priyanka supposedly does not have because she did not cover her feet.

Here are some of the tweets by users:

Modiji: Germany ghumne aai ho?
PC: Haan sir, aur aap to foreign policy k liye aaye hain na?
Modiji: *Mai bhi ghumne hi aya hu pagli*

When your daughter gets 99.5%.
But, you’re disappointed someone got 0.1% more.

When you aren’t sure whether it’s time to tell her your Mann ki baat, or not.

When she said “mera debut 2002 me hua tha “

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