Interesting Facts About Nose

This blog topic shall discuss the interesting facts about our nose. Here we list some fun facts for kids and enjoy a range of interesting information related to the human nose and our sense of smell. To know more keep reading CRB Tech Reviews.

Know about different parts of the human nose, what rhinoplasty is, what happens if you have dysosmia, what the nasal septum is made of and lots more. Keep reading and enjoy.

  • The nose has specialised cells that helps us smell.
  • The scientific term for sense of smell is ‘olfaction’.
  • Your nose can detect dangerous chemicals in the air.
  • The human nose can smell different odours but is quite less sensitive than other animals like dogs.
  • The human nose has 2 nostrils.
  • The 2 nostrils are divided by the nasal septum.
  • The nasal septum is made of cartilage, a tissue that is quite stiff but more flexible than the bone.
  • There is a wall of thin bone and cartilage between the nostrils called ‘septum’.
  • human nose
  • A nose bleeds when blood vessels in the septum experience a break. This could be caused by a number of things, from an injury to cold.
  • There is a space behind the nose which is called the nasal cavity.
  • You breathe air through your nose and the air is then filtered by a lot of tiny little hairs that are just inside the nostril. They help to remove dirt and dust so that you don’t breathe it in.
  • Present at the roof of the nose, the ethmoid bone separates the nasal cavity and brain.
  • The ethmoid bone is one of the bones that make up the orbit of the human eye.
  • The nasal cavity is a large space found inside the head that is above and behind the nose.
  • Air passing through the nasal cavity is warmed to match body temperature.
  • Dust and other particles are removed from the nasal cavity by short hairs.
  • The base of the nasal cavity is called the roof of the mouth.
  • nose
  • Anosmia’ is inability to smell.
  • Dysosmia’ is when things don’t smell as they must.
  • Hyperosmia’ owns a very strong sense of smell.
  • On an average, men have larger nose than women.
  • The tradition of Maori tribe in New Zealand is to press noses (hongi) as a sign of greeting.
  • Plastic surgery that involves the nose is called ‘rhinoplasty’.

We conclude now.

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