Interesting Facts About Ears

Today we shall discuss some interesting facts about the ear for kids. To know more keep reading CRB Tech Reviews.

Learn about different parts that constitute your ears, how they communicate with brain, how hearing works, why we produce ear wax and lots more.

  • With our ears we detect sound.
  • Ears convert sound waves into electric impulses that are sent to brain, where they get processed.
    • Though your ears pick up the sound, it’s your brain that does the work of making sense of it.
    • There are lots more to your ear than the part you can see on the outer side of your head.
    • The middle part of the ear amplifies sound pressure.


  • The middle ear also has the Eustachian tube which helps equalize pressure and drain out mucus.
  • Ear infections are more common in kids because of their developing immune system and owing to differences between their Eustachian tubes and those of adults.
  • The inner ear is found inside the temporal bone which is the hardest bone in the human body.
  • The inner ear contains a spiral shaped hearing organ called the cochlea and also the vestibule and semicircular canals which helps with balance.
  • Sounds waves are passed from air to liquid in the inner air. The inner air has tiny hair cells which respond to sound waves that lead to triggering chemicals that are sent off to the brain as nerve impulses.
  • Abnormalities in the inner ear of humans could cause deafness.
  • Skin glands in the ear canal produce ear wax which s protect the ear by lubrication and cleaning it of dirt and dust.
  • Excessive ear wax can also impair hearing, mainly if it is pressed hard against the eardrum.
  • ear
  • Ear wax naturally comes out of your ear normally so it’s not a good idea to try and remove it yourself unless; it could cause health problems. In any problem, it’s advisable to consult a doctor.
  • Piercing earlobes and decorating them with jewellery is a common practice all around the world since thousands of years for both cultural and cosmetic reasons.
  • Do you know why we get strange feelings in ear or go slightly deaf when we rise high up on mountains? That is because the Eustachian tube fails to maintain pressure and those results in dizziness, ear pain, discomfort, etc.
  • Human ear also functions when a person sleeps. The ears continue to pick up sound but our brain blocks them.

Hope you liked the facts.

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