Zhouzhuang water town of China-Crb Tech Reviews

In the world there are many places that are called \”Venice.\” But the Chinese town of Zhouzhuang is particularly well suited for this definition. Zhouzhuang – is the oldest Chinese settlement on the water. Its history goes back 900 years.

Zhouzhuang water town of China
Alexandra Moss

City is a series of islands surrounded by water. As in Venice, through which spanned numerous bridges. Zhouzhuang located 35 kilometers southeast of the eastern city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province is known as China\’s first village on the water.

Zhouzhuang water town of China
Image credit Ng Siu Tung

It is one of the most famous water townships in China, noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses and the elegant watery views. It has been called the \”Venice of the East\”.Zhouzhuang is surrounded by four rivers of water that formed it eight streets, connected by a few dozen stone bridges.

Zhouzhuang water town of China
Image credit Amy

Bridges are very different, but the most typical are paired Shuangqiao bridges built during the Ming Dynasty. They consist of an arched stone span from one beam and stone. Architecturally unique is the \”two-pass bridge,\” thrown across the two channels. Streets are rivers, passages are connected by bridges, and houses built along the rivers, which are the roads on which the locals are moved by boat Zhouzhang originated as a village by the name of Zhenfengli during the Spring and Autumn (BCE (770-476) Period of the Eastern Zhou (BCE 770-221) Dynasty.

Zhouzhuang water town of China
Image credit Ng Siu Tung

It received its current name in CE 1086 during the Northern Song (CE 960-1127) Dynasty when the village, which had belonged to the fiefdom of Yaocheng, was donated to Zhenfengli\’s Quanfu (\”Full Fortune\”) Temple – also known as Blessed Temple – by a devout Buddhist by the name of Zhou Digong, who owned this piece of land (note that Zhouzhang means \”Zhou Hamlet/ Village).


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