5 Tips to Successfully Crack Group Discussion Round

Group discussion consists of a group of people sharing and debating on ideas and interest. This process is mostly used for interview selection process or for admission purposes in MBA colleges.

The GD mostly consists of a small group of people who are then given a topic for the discussion. The topic may or may not be related to the industry for which the GD is held. There are a panel of judges who judge the discussion and therefore it is necessary for individuals to take a strong stand in the discussion. The GD is set with a time limit and when the time is up, the best candidate is selected for further rounds.

Hence it is very important to be well prepared for the GD round and so we bring to you some tips for cracking the GD round.

  1. You should be an avid reader

    Being an avid reader always helps. It adds to your vocabulary skills along with enhancing your knowledge. Last minute preparation for group discussion should be avoided at all costs as it may confuse you.

  2. Knowledge about the subject

    Having some adequate knowledge about the subject gives you the power to turn the direction of the discussion wherever you want it to lead. It is per-requisite to have in-depth knowledge about the latest happening around you not only in India but all over the world.

  3. Work on your communication skills

    Make sure you do not hesitate or stammer while stating out your point of view over the topic. Practice communicating with your friends and debating with them. Make sure you maintain eye contact while talking to a particular person in the group or to look into each person’s eyes while addressing them.

  4. Listen and Analyze the topic carefully

    When the topic is given for discussion listen to it carefully and make sure you understand it before speaking about it. Proper analyzing of the topic is essential so that you know what the actual purpose of discussing that particular topic is. For example there are various points that may come forward while discussing Kashmir Conflict.

  5. Listening skills are equally important

    Before you respond to a particular point make sure you have listened the whole thing the other person is trying to say. After listening understand that point and then put forward your point of view.

Group discussion should take place in harmony and so always maintain your tone, aggression is acceptable but do not fume or raise your voice just to prove your point. We wish you all the best for your GD round.