Join CRB Tech to be a professional in CAD CAM


I have done my engineering in the field of mechanical and I was working in an IT firm for the past 6 months but I want to work in my core field but I didnt get in any of the core companies then I came to know about CRB Tech and joined it for the courses like CAD CAM CAE and catia and I joined these courses and worked hard and as a result this institute helped in placing in Swasthik Energy and I will start working there to make my career in mechanical engineering.

They also helped me in grooming my soft skills and grammar knowledge and when I joined this institute both my core knowledge and soft skills got increased. It would have been really a tough time for me to fetch a job without the help of this institution and their help for placement.

Topics covered in CATIA course:

1) Introduction to CATIA

CAD/CAM/CAE Product cycle, Parametric Technology, Release to CATIA Atmosphere & Menu bar and Use of Mouse.

2) Sketcher Workbench

Creating 2D Geometry, Operating on Profile Plugin Dimensioning the Sketches, Changing and Constructing using Operation & Transformation Toolbar. You will also learn about Applying Constraints & Restriction Definition, Animating constraint & Checking Various Mechanisms.

3) Part Design

Understanding part design environment, Developing Strong Designs using Sketch-Based Features, Dealing with Dress-Up Functions, View Plugin, Developing & Operating efficiently on Reference Components Planes and lines & points.

4) Editing

Updating Features, Modification Functions e.g. Patterning, Spinning, Innovative Modeling Techniques e.g. Boolean Functions, Annotations, Giving Materials & Measuring Properties.

5) Surface Design(Part 1) Developing Wireframe elements e.g. helix, splines, Shapes, etc. Developing Areas like blended, lofted surfaces, etc. Functions on Shape Geometry e.g. Joining, breaking & trimming.

6) Surface Design (Part 2) Innovative Task in which Area Functions like Healing, Extracting, etc. Handling with Shapes, Extrapolating surfaces, Splitting whole body with surface, Solidifying the outer lining models and Sewing Area with Strong whole body.

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