Dirty Politics Movie Review

Dirty Politics Movie Review

If you choose to look at the story of Dirty Politics it is a combination of politics and unknown death. In this CRB Tech reviews on the movie dirty politics we are going to share about the mixture of political stuffs and sex scandals in it. Although it has professional method actors the story is not that reachable to the mob. The strongest aspect of the script is the sex scandal but the author presents a range of useless sub-plots which waters down it. Had the story consistently unraveled its variety aspects, it could have left a booming effect.

There is no dilemma or suspense in the film. The only secret that continues to be is why stars like Puri, Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher decided to be an aspect of such dirt. A mishmash of hopeless activities, dreadful modifying and a no surprise plot-line, the film is not able to do rights to its primary idea of dispensing a governmental dilemma where sex performs a highly effective part.

Sex is instead used as a brace to titillate in this substandard story. A top politician cannot keep his sexual interest in control and allows him to be used as a resale by his keep whose ‘dirty’ desires include getting governmental power. Sherawat’s skin show contributes no value to the story. Kher, Shah and Puri handle to better an otherwise dreadful story but with a story this execrable, a better film cannot be made.

Silly isn’t a term wide enough to encapsulate the energy of this film. Experiences like this demand a little more knowing but the director’s incoherence of knowing the concept make this a lost attempt. What else can describe the sexual assault series in the climax?

Expect to stay unmoved by this film which tries to release the fairly damaged face of the Indian politics. The product we have at hand is a teenager tryst which concentrates on an intimately billed up story to produce good box office money. The motto of this CRB Tech reviews on the movie dirty politics is purely based on entertainment purpose.


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